Dusty Leigh AdriAnna Make Me Stay

CD Review: Dusty Leigh AdriAnna Make Me Stay

by Antony Bailey for Country Music News International


Dusty Leigh, an Idaho native, is flying the country rock flag high with her latest singles Adrianna and Make Me Stay. She is making her state proud considering Idaho is not necessarily known for its thriving music scene (Especially country music) and Adrianna is one that tugs on the heartstrings yet leaves you feeling emotionally fulfilled by the time song reaches the end. It is a song with a soaring vocal melody as the use of inflections and melisma creates more power and raw emotion as the dynamics gradually increase throughout the song. From a production perspective, the drums are wet in the sense that there is a fair amount of reverb in the mix, and this is most noticeable at the beginning of the song where there is a four-bar intro with just drums and guitar. I personally like the song and I have no doubt it will be a success with her fan base as well as country listeners around the world.

Make Me Stay

By changing from a 4/4 to a 6/8 meter combined with a gentle yet powerful vocal deliverance, the tonality and harmony creates an abundance of raw emotion in one of Dusty Leigh’s latest singles Make Me Stay. The first line is ‘’We’ve had our ups, we’ve had our downs, so down in luck, so close to walking out’’ depicts an image of despair, heartbreak, and misery before ending the song with the lyrics ‘’You make me stay’’ to suggest a glimmer of hope in what is a song blended with a cocktail of emotions. Leigh showcases her tessitura and vocal range throughout both of her newly released singles as she aims to reach an audience beyond the United States by navigating her way through unchartered territory. I can feel the emotion pouring out of her in both of the singles and I am a fan of her song writing. The future is bright for Dusty Leigh and there is a lot more to come from her as she strives towards becoming the artist and performer, she always knew she was.

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