Dustin Lynch – Party Mode

CD Review: Dustin Lynch – Party Mode

By Stanley Mwene For Country Music News International Magazine

  1. Party Mode
  2. Thinking ‘Bout You’
  3. Stars Like Confett
  4. Something That Makes You Smile
  5. Break It On A Beach
  6. Tequila On A Boat
  7. Tennessee Trouble
  8. Summer Never Ended
  9. Back Road TN
  10. Hunting Land (Feat. Riley Green)
  11. Pasadena
  12. Not Every Cowboy


Little History of Dustin Lynch

Dustin Charles Lynch was born on May 14, 1985 in Nashville Tennesee. He grew up in Tullahama just South of the capital. Lynch was influenced by neo-traditional country music when he was growing up by artists he refers as ‘The Class of 89 and they were as follows; Allan Jackson, Clinth Black and Garth Brooks’

All these artists had their first big breaks in 1989. Lynch moved to Nashville in 2003 to attend Limbscomb University and at the same time pursued a career in Country Music while renting an apartment behind the famous Blue bird café. The young hopeful singer landed a regular performing spot. He honed his skills and started performing at other local venues.

Party Mode. The song starts beautifully as; hey hey , we will not change wherever I do. It is a love song which continues; it is time to tell her, can’t prove, will make it work. He loves that time He will do so. He loves that time, there is nothing from the truth cannot move. They are all right.

Let them move fast for the love they had. There is no future, if she cannot come back. She has to come back. There is nothing from the truth. They are alive and they need to to move on . They need to go together.

Thinking ‘Bout You’.  This is an amazing song which tunes as follows; Will he look real lets call out. Has ‘mama’ hiding? Her baby number two is on her way when she will be with ‘mama’

It is good for her. She was taken up. She needs to cuddle him. He was taken up. She could smile. She is so glad it’s him. They will need to be in love.  She will need to get him back.

Stars Like Confett.  They were back there seven more. They are still can test view freedom. She already knows his heart they live what they say ‘babe’ .She needs to live what she says. She already what his heart says.

Already, there was magic killer……..meaning he is full of love to her. Here is need to track her. She needs to be in running to him. She needs to hold him inside. Looking up to the sky. They need each other. He doesn’t know what to say…..he is deeply in love to her. They need to love each other.

Something That Makes You Smile It an amazing love song. Maybe trace back home, for it shall fit him. Tell her it shall shed trees during sunny day for he will be away a little while. She needs to do something to remember him.

If she feels bid deal appointment, he will need to see at home. He will be back for a while. She needs to do something to remain smiling.  She needs to carry him to work…..meaning, she should be thinking of him. She will need to smile although he will be away for a little while. She will need to regard him. Here, she is for a little while but she should remain to smile.

Break It On A Beach. This is another beautiful love song. It says; he was talking like today. It is even a clear blue sky. They are walking down town playing with his ‘babe’. He will never touch her. He is missing her. They need to cuddle each other. The will travel together. He is missing her. The need to get together to the beach. They need to settle back

They need peace. This is their pace now. They need vacation on the beach. It’s time to see each other. They should look somewhere.

Tequilla On A Boat ( Feat. Chris Lane).It is an amazing song which tunes as follows; doing scar, scar on the world. Tell him back. Someone speak. Someone somewhere has gone loner. Can anybody heed it? Apart, feel it. Can one smile, smile with him and laughter much with him? Still not a kiss. It is a beautiful love song to listen and enjoy.

The song continues; love seek, seek it. Mix with ‘babe’. They need to keep back. She needs to smile at him, laughter is much better. They need to to move slowly. They need a boat to smile togather still, they need to kiss.

Tennessee Trouble. The song states; just another cannot do.He was doing it before. He needs her hands walking on. He knows they say he should do walking towards him.

They see Tennessee trouble. Still, he is happy. Tell her, he is fine. He does not see trouble tonight. He will need to slow down. She needs to prove him. Still he is happy. She will be seen in a couple of days. She keeps coming back. Still, he is happy. Tell her, he is away.

Summer Never Ended. It is an awesome song; ….Something near, Southern drinks seen around the banks. Seen in the city, start from there, this busy time.

He will be a live soon still top coming. He will be around soon. It will never change. She does not need to be nervous. She doesn’t need to lean. Everything will be okay. He will be around soon never ending. It will be alright.

Back Road TN. We can regard still seen all of you. Slacking no down, then never gone to change, just gone take a lot of change. Nobody is never good as she is. They got busy, carrying around each other.

Back to rad, still seen. For more, nothing is crue. Little smart, she still loves him. She is her home. They get togather and carry each other. She is her beauty. The still smile to each other. It is a love song with is awesome.

Hunting Land (Feat.Riley Green). It a love song. She calls him out. She does not know, he is afraid. She wants him to call her madam. She does speaks fast no good reason. She tells him what to do.

As soon, she starts again, he will heed looking down. They need to heed back. He will be back calling, if he needs to stay back.

Pasadena.  It is a love song. She is gone from him. She meant to go back to her residence. Nothing she can get something cool. They have got too more nasty before. This means that their relationship has gone sour.

When he last show her, there was sweet skills. They are no more togather. She had to go. Lastly, he is a freely man.

Not Every Cowboy.  This is also another beautiful song. Not every cowboy rather broken must stay. Not every cowboy brings whiskey. She should stay taking her hearts with him. Let him show her that he is capable of loving her. She needs her in the middle of the night.

She needs to take his heart with her. His love will break her. He really needs to take her heart. He needs to show her, he is capable.

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