Dustin Lynch is Where it’s At

Lynch is Where it’s At
doesn’t take long to realize that Dustin Lynch knows where it’s at.
single ‘ Where It’s At’
is sitting at number 19 on Billboard’s Hot Country
Top 20 songs. The
melodic lyrics, and smooth delivery catch you up in a
bright mood and one soon
finds themselves humming along ‘yep, yep’
as the lyrics say.
Dustin is a native of
Tullahoma, Tennessee. He was influenced by the
music of country giants
such as Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, and
Clint Black.
Another influence in
Dustin’s development as a great country artist was the famous
Bluebird Cafe. Dustin felt the importance of the Bluebird so
much that he chose his
school location David Lipscomb University partly
because of it’s close
proximity to the club which proved instrumental as
Dustin honed his skills
as a country artist.
Dustin spent a lot of
time at the Bluebird. He rented an apartment behind
the back parking lot and
walked to the venue several times a week to
observe, listen to and
soak up all he could about the art of songwriting by
observing some of the
greats, like Paul Overstreet who wrote ‘Forever and
Ever, Amen’ Don Shultz
The Gambler’, and Tony Arata ‘The Dance’.
Dustin wanted to get to
the heart of things and understand the story behind the song.
The education Dustin
obtained at the Bluebird has paid off. He auditioned
for open mic night and
got the open mic the next night, He impressed the
host so much (Barbara
Cloyd) that she followed him into the parking lot
offered to help him get
a foothold in the community.
Not only is Dustin a
great singer, he is a great and prolific songwriter.
When he got a publishing
deal he worked hard and wrote over 200 songs
within a two year
Dustin is signed with
Broken Bow Records. His song ‘Cowboys and
Angels’ released in 2012
as a single on his self title debut album reached
number 2 on the
Billboard’s Hot Country Songs in October of that year.
His new song ‘Where It’s
At is on the move up the charts and will likely continue to move up
as enthusiastic fans continue to request and purchase it.
Clearly, Dustin has
learned well, and he is just getting warmed up. He
definitely knows where
it’s at, yep, yep.
website is
The music video for
‘Where It’s At’ can be found here
Smith for Country Music News International

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