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DUNN DUO – It’s My Time

DUNN DUO – It’s My Time

It’s My Time – Shady Grove – Last Florida
Panther – Let Your Light Shine On Me – Bertha Palmer – Wayfaring
Stranger – Easy To Forget – My  Family – Summertime – Just Because –
Little Scrub Jay – Pass Me My Picks – Hallelujah – Baby What You Want Me
To Do
     When Les Paul and
Mary Ford created their first experiments in over-dubbed music, they
probably never thought that a creative couple in Florida would use this
same principle to create their very own well ‘dunn’ music.  The Dunn Duo
is an active musical group that are shakers and movers in the folk
music movement in Flolrida, as well as other more bluesy and jazz like
gatherings.  They are, however, far too polished as musicians to limit
their achievements and endeavors to just one ‘kind’ of music.  When you
hear Carolyn Dunn sing ‘Summertime’ on this CD, you will be amply
convinced that this lady is capable of far more than a few old-time folk
songs.  Carolyn is also a writer.  Here she proudly presents “It’s My
Time” “Last Florida Panther” “Bertha Palmer” “My Family” “Little Scrub
Jay” and “Pass Me My Picks.”
     Jim Dunn is the mover and shaker behind the sound
board and the studio board.  He plays an amazing number of instruments
on this CD, all of them overdubbed.  Guitar (electric & acoustic),
mandolin-guitar, banjo, and percussion.  Carolyn adds the bass, at which
she excels.  Being the ‘sound’ people at a Sarasota folk festival, I
really enjoyed listening to Jim talk about his experience at ‘Woodstock’
when he was just a young guy.  He sort of carries that musical
experience over in this CD, kind of like ‘turn off the radio and pass me
my picks,” which more than adequately expresses this fine duo’s
approach to music.
     The music we hear on this wonderful CD is varied and
great.  The cover photo however,  probably does not reflect this same
immaculate devotion that the music portrays.  “It’s My Time” to me means
something bubbly, happy, expectation, sharing, but the cover does not
express this.  Not a criticism, just an observation.  Carolyn and Jim
have a very close friend that is in the photography business.  I hope
they will consult her for a cover shot.
     The Dunns are very well liked performers throughout
Florida.  For a couple of reasons.  They are extremely good by
themselves as performers, however they are also very good a doing
‘sound.’  Another reason is that they enjoy backing other performers,
which is so important to that performer who doesn’t have backing, and
the Dunn Duo does that extremely well.
Bob Everhart

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