(Nashville, TN-3-29-12)  The month of April will find super duet team Allen Karl & Donna Cunningham touring Europe together for the first time.  We hope that if you are in or near any of their show dates, that you will take the time to go and see Allen and Donna on this special tour to meet all their fans, and to make new fans.  Both artists have been climbing the airplay charts on a constant basis, and are now heading for #1 Duet of the Year with their new single of “Your Name Is On My Lips Again.”
Allen & Donna will be supported on this tour by the UK Band-Red Rock County.
They are available for all media interviews.  There are a limited number of press passes for each appearance, so please contact our office as soon as possible.
European Tour Schedule
4/3/12              Arrive Leeds, UK Airport at 4:30pm
4/4/12              Show 1 Leeds-Clear Cut Country Music Club, Leeds Anglers Club
4/5/12              Show 2 Sheffeld-Nightriders Country Music Club, Renishaw Miners Welfare
4/6/12              Show 3 Cambridgeshire-Brook, Soham, Cambridgeshire
4/7/12              Show 4 Henley-on-Thames
4/8/12              Open
4/9/12              Show 5 Cheshire-United Services Club, Widnes
4/10/12                        Depart Leeds, UK Airport
4/10/12                        Arrive Dublin Airport
4/11/12            Belfast, Ireland TV appearance with Sean Green
4/12/12                        Depart Dublin Airport
4/12/12                        Arrive Vienna, Austria Airport
4/13/12            Open
4/14/12            Show with Hunting Lady Kate – details to follow
4/15/12            Open
4/16/12            Open
4/17/12            Open
4/18/12                        Depart Vienna airport at 3:15pm HG 8774 (7DRBSH)
4/18/12                        Arrive Frankfurt, Germany Airport
4/19/12            Radio interview with Patty Patrick
4/20/12            Show 1 Karbin, Germany
4/21/12            Show 2 Rodgau, Germany
4/22/12                        Depart Frankfurt Airport
4/22/12                        Arrive Barcelona, Spain

4/27/12                        Depart Barcelona Airport

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