Dos Borrachos have just given fans a special sneak peek into their new album, premiering the lyric video for
“Salt,” a fun-loving ode to the mineral that seems to show up anywhere
there’s a good time to be had, from your beach chair to your margarita
rim. In the new video, the carefree lyrics float onto the screen as the
peaceful ocean tide washes up and down.

“Salt” is a new song from Dos Borrachos’ upcoming eponymous debut album.
Written by Jeff Outlaw, JT Harding, and Justin Wilson, the tune
combines ukulele, pedal steel guitar, and hand percussion to create an
island vibe that ultimately gives way to Dos Borrachos’ clever
back-and-forth refrain.

“’Salt’ is one of those songs that just gets you in the mood for a good
time,’” Dos Borrachos’ Kevin Fowler says. “What better way to celebrate
the simple things in life than singing an ode to the perfect beach day?”

Made up of best buds Kevin Fowler and Roger Creager, Dos Borrachos is
the long-awaited collaboration between the two Texas country mainstays.
“Making music is already the best job in the world,” Creager adds. “When
you get to make it with your friends? Man that’s just salt on the rim.”

The pair created the new project during one of their many songwriting
retreats down to Mexico. “Dos Borrachos” translates to “two drunks” in
Spanish, an ode to a late night misadventure featuring tacos and tequila
— that ultimately led to the project.

The collaboration captures the vibe of their new fan-centric concert
experience Big Cabo Fest, which features several days of sunshine,
beaches, and Texas country music in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Dos
Borrachos released their first single, “Barroom Buddies,” on September

DOS BORRACHOS have a special limited run of Texas tour dates to support the new album.

Watch the “Salt” lyric video here.

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