Doo-Wop Collection The1960’s

Doo-Wop Collection
Stay 1:36 Nobody
Loves Me Like You 2:15 Once in a While 2:29 Easy Lovin’ 2:04
Let’s Go, Let’s
Go, Let’s Go 2:26 To Be Loved(Forever) 2:25 Will You Love Me Tomorrow 2:42
This Magic
Moment 2:26 Besame Mucho, Pt.1 2:16 Who’s Lovin’ You 3:03 Big Boy Pete 2:28
Over the Rainbow
3:17 I Know 2:15 Dollar Bill 2:47Once Upon a Time 2:52 Step by Step 2:29
Diamonds and Pearls 2:16 Pennies From Heaven 2:08 Cruise to the Moon 2:14 Is
Not That Love 1:47 Charlena 2:48 My Baby-O 2:44 Sally Green 2:13 I’m With You
4:24 My Hero 2:40 Come On 2:18
If You Do Not
Care 2:00 So Blue 2:05 The Teacher 2:48 I’m Willing 2:19 Valarie 2:26
Mama Loocie 2:28
Rendezvous With You 1:52 Do Not Laugh at Me 2:24 I’ll Be Seeing You 2:41

been another long day of trying to deal with my credit card company about a
$600 charge that I didn’t make. And, I’m looking through some Facebook message
from a crazy, and I mean crazy ex-girlfriend. She sent me some pic of her naked
in front of a mirror, and the last thing that’s going through my mind is the
polar opposite of the first song to play. Stay
begins the album. The last time I saw this girl I told her to leave, she stole
my Cadillac heading back to New Orleans, I made my way to the airport boarded a
plane to Asia and was more than happy to part ways.

Loves Me Like You
comes next. Now, put that title in the past-tense
and those are the messages I’m receiving ten years later. You’d think that time
would’ve ended this girls pure insanity. At least so far I really like the
album. Once in a While seems like it’s
been playing for ten years on this girls turn tables.
much more my style. I can just picture the RCA microphone in some seedy bar in
the red light early hours. Let’s Go, Let’s
Go, Let’s Go,
is just as its titled. The following song, To Be Loved(Forever), is like a lot of
these Doo-Wop songs. That is in today’s world these people would be thrown in a
nice cozy cell.
You Love Me Tomorrow?
I think that the singer already knows
the answer and this is a rhetorical question. Everyone knows This Magic Moment so I think I can skip
writing too much about this one.
I’m not sure if I know Besame Mucho, Pt.1. Its name makes me a
little curious. Let me see…… Nope, I don’t like it. Back in 1960 maybe people
were trying to feel cultural. With that I need a break……………………………..Okay, break-time
over. Oh my god! Will someone please pass the razor- blade? I seriously do not
suggest anyone who has suicidal tendencies to listen to Who’s Loving You. After skipping a few songs across the puddles of
teardrops, suddenly, Somewhere Over the
comes up and seems to clear them all away. I Know seems a little too religious to me. Maybe, it isn’t. I
actually like it and I’ve never heard this one before. Diamonds and Pearls makes me picture an old man on a rocking chair
sipping on lemonade through a straw. Charlena
turns out to be one of my favorites. It has that street corner, saxophone,
blues guitar sound.

Teacher, Valarie, Mama Loochie
all add to my feelings about Charlena. The songs in the beginning
are those memorable songs that everyone’s heard, but I think the songs later on
attract me to this collection most. Aside from all of the joking around in this
review, out of the two years of Doo-Wop that I have reviewed, the 1960
collection I would have to say I like best. I still have a few more years to go
so we’ll soon see.    

Jeremy Frost for Country Music News International

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