NASHVILLE, TN (May 7, 2014) – Georgia native and former member of the chart-topping duo, Rehab, Demun Jones,
is set to release his first solo album entitled “Jones County” on June
10, 2014.  Released by Average Joes Entertainment, the album is now
available for pre-order on iTunes
Pre-order the album and instantly receive his new single, “Tannerite,”
the video for which is set to be released soon, along with two other
tracks, “Country Fried” and “White Trashed & Redneck’ed.”
County,” named after the Georgia county from which Jones hails, not
only illustrates his evolution as an artist by infusing his country
inspired lyrics with hip-hop grooves, but reveals a bit of his personal
growth, as well.  “Boondocks” is a tune that’s all-too familiar to Jones
and the people of Jones County, Georgia.  “Tannerite” is Jones’ take on
a fictional tale of what happens when some southern boys are playing
with explosives and what occurs when they happen upon Bigfoot.   Perhaps
the most personal song on the album is “I’m A Man” which describes in
detail the years of honest, ethical, hard work lived by Jones’ father,
Ricky, a life-long brick mason. 
just wanted the people of Jones County to feel like they lived in the
best place in the whole world when they heard the album, because to me
it is,” stated Jones. 
The track listing for “Jones County” is as follows:

  1. “Boondocks”
  2. “Country Fried”
  3. “Dixie Dimes”
  4. “Tannerite”
  5. “The Muddy Muddy”
  6. “Rahhh f/Charlie Farley”
  7. “I’m A Man”
  8. “Chrome” f/Jawga Boyz
  9. “Lake House”
  10. “Firecracker”
  11. “11” f/LoCash Cowboys and Bubba Sparxxx
  12. “White Trashed & Redneck’ed”


Demun Jones has been turning heads with his new video for the track “The Muddy Muddy,” which can be seen here.
 The song was released on the “Mud Digger 4” compilation album, and has
since racked up 200,000 views online. “The Muddy Muddy,” also included
on “Jones County,” has quickly become an anthem for those who like big
trucks and getting a little dirty.  Jones is currently on the road with
Rehab wrapping up their 75-city farewell tour, which ends on May 18th in
Myrtle Beach, SC.
forerunner and genre-fusing artist, Demun Jones, is known for his
unique blend of country and hip-hop sounds and eccentric stage
presence.  Having grown up in a large family from rural Georgia, Demun
was nurtured by the vast virtues of country life, including a diligent
work ethic and the desire to succeed, all of which shine through in his
writing.  Demun’s musical influences run the gamut of different sounds
and include artists ranging from The Allman Brothers, Otis Redding,
James Brown, to Johnny Cash, Michael Jackson, Reba McIntire, Lynyrd
Skynyrd, and a myriad of others.  Demun was part of the group REHAB,
which ultimately garnered millions of hardcore fans, sold over 600,000
albums and over 2 million singles and presented him with the opportunity
to mature as an artist, gaining a wealth of experience touring and
performing live shows.  His first solo project, “Jones County,” is set
for release on June 10, 2014.

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