Deeper Shade of Blue – Broken Lady

CD Review: Deeper Shade of Blue – Broken Lady

By Stanley Mwene For Country Music News International Magazine

  1. Broken Lady
  2. Blue Was Just A Color
  3. Making Plans
  4. Whether or Not
  5. Blue And Broken Hearted
  6. Jared’s Rag
  7. Radio Tears
  8. You Only Knew
  9. Power In A Moment
  10. I’m On My Way
  11. Promise We Made
  12. Four Wheel Drive

Little History of Deeper Shade of Blue

Deeper Shade of Blue is a band which comprised of Jason Fraley(mandolin/vocals), Troy Pope(guitar/vocals), Frank Poindexter(dobro/vocals), Scott Burgess(bass/vocals), and Steve Wilson(banjo). The band has been together for 21 years and self-produced six albums.

The band has been favorite in their region for a long time. The band has tight harmony singing powerful instrumentation, energetic stage show. The band has been landed as one of the best touring groups in the industry and one which festivals have added to their lineup year after year.

Broken Lady. The song states that; there is a broken lady willing to be with him and paddle with him. It is a love song. The song has beautiful tunes of the guitar for a while. There is a change of voice to another singer. The song proceeds to say that he should take care of her. He tries to please her. They should join together and no one should interfere. The loved man is ready to stay happy with the broken lady.

Blue Was Just A Color.The song starts that blue is just a color lovely cream. It is a love song. He beseechs her to love him. Blue is just a color for make, he will make her come out of scars. Time will just give. Time will tell the truth.

She does not need to miss him away for he made her to come. She does not need to miss him .He will make her to come home.

Making Plans. This is a love song. She said to love. It is hard to him to be with her. This means the two lovers are in a verge of breakup.He is making cross bordering to making plans for her. He is just like a tree shading its trees. He is making plans to forget her.

He is making plans to leave. She is making plans too to forget him. He is ready to leave.. This is a powerful song because they have had a broken relationship and they have to part ways.

Whether or Not. The song states that; he is not sure whether it is going to rain tonight right now, the flood is moving. He is not sure if she is making back home. He is not sure if she is making back home so that they can get together.

He is not sure if she will make it back . He is searching for a sunny day. He loves her. He is not sure if she will make him happy. The question he is asking himself, will they be together? He is very much worried. He is worried is she will come back home and they get together.

Blue And Broken Hearted. This is an awesome love song. The song starts by saying …..they pass love and love did not last. He told her he could love her. They could not love. He remembers  the last time he saw her. She left him and he cried. He wants her to be in love with her. The could not love at all. They could not love the most they wanted.

Jared’s Rag. Here in this song, guitars can be heard tuned from the beginning to the end. There is no singing on the background.  The song has a moderate tempo the song and tuned guitars takes duration of 3:27. This song can be accompanied by by body movements at a slow pace.

Radio Tears. It is a love song. It starts…. Like I played on my own track. That was his own heart. With no less time, she said she will not be back. It is a beautiful song. Radio Tears no way blood. With her change, she will set him free.

You Only Know. IT is an awesome song. It states; if he only gives a way she feels, she will be with him tonight. Everything will be alright. She does not need to say she loves him. Too, she does not need to say she cares about him. She only needs to say yes.

She needs to handle him with care. She needs always to remember him and say yes. He will need to show her what he means. She needs to say yes for the night. It is a an amazing love song.

Power In A Moment.  It is a song which states that; he does not need to think about himself. No top gears about that day. It is a love song. If she tells him, he will bring whatever she could say. She can see his feelings. He too can see her feelings inside.

She does not need to tell him she has fallen in love with him. He knows love. He sees people around him, they cannot blame him. She just wants to find a way out. They need to work for their future together. It is good they do not have children. It has been a longtime they do not have a family. It is now the end of their love.

I’m On My Way. It is a beautiful love song.  The song starts by saying; pray is a pain , so no sorrow on one’s face. Every time he walks away to a dream, he cannot trace. He will be so strong. She griefs on the pain. She cannot face the world alone. She cannot pay for her love.

She will be alone but she will be strong. There is lack she can explain if she cannot know what to do. She will be strong.

Promise We Made. This is also an amazing love song. It states that; sometimes she can be asking him driving. She doesn’t know where he is going but he knows her love will turn him drive away home and be in love. They will love each other as they will drive home. They will love each other as they are going to stay at home.

It has been sometime since they stayed away throwing hands up. However, she will smile when they are togather.They will stay on the promise they made that they will love each other.

Four Wheel Drive. It is a fast paced song. The song says they will drive to the country. The will need to run away. Those legals are bad and they will need to run away. He does not need to  be held by the legals.

She will be gone by then. However, she will come back home. He does not need to wait too long. Otherwise, she will be gone. She needs to come back home. He will need to drive back home.

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