Dead Crow Road – The Good Times Album

CD Review: Dead Crow Road – The Good Times Album

By Stanley Mwene For Country Music News International Magazine

  1. She’s Mine
  2. Country Road
  3. Good Times
  4. Good Times Bad Times
  5. I Walk The Earth
  6. Little Miss Whiskey
  7. Living For A Saturday
  8. Pour Whiskey On My Grave
  9. Silent House
  10. This War Is Over
  11. My Name Is Trouble
  12. Shine It All Around

Little History of Dead Crow Road

Dead Crow Road has been trending the boards for years now championing original music. He also co-writes with some famous Country Music musicians. Dead Crow Road’s first album was scheduled to be released in the year late 2020.

Dead Crow Road is from PortsMouth. He is Revered for is cutting –edge approach to wave music. Inspired by artists like and RL Grime, his early years of music production led him joining Human Academie, where he graduated in 2016. He brings forth a music that is both futuristic and heavy yet-emotionally-driven.

He has assisted spur a movement which has led him to expand his release catalogue to some of electronic songs most notable labels.

She Is Mine. It is a song which talks about love which he has been looking for a while. He continues to say, he will be away but he is going to travel back. He only wishes her his heart. Then, there is a chorus which says, she loves shine shine.She will smile… life is crazy. He is loving it .

She started feeling loved. He is saying she belongs to him. He is coming and she can’t wait to receive him. While walking down the streets, tell her she belongs to him.

Country Road. It is a powerful song tuned by guitar, followed by powerful voice. The song talks about education. It talks about science school Punch. It is followed by a chorus…..Coutnry  Road. He still listens to Country Road. He loves Country Road music.

It is a moderate song which can be accompanied by body movements and thumbing of fingers. More than two voices can be heard from the background.

Good Times. The song starts as follows;……everybody is good. It says that everything will be good tonight. It is a love song which says that it will be a merry going to be with her.He will gonna be with her.It will feel good tonight. She will be with him.

Good Time Bad Times is a song saying that there is best and bad times. It is a love song which says, she is still in love with him. The song says good times, bad times is everyman’s shield.

It is only a couple of times and finally they will be together. She will be seen again with him. She will still feel loved. He will love her.

I Walk The Earth. The song says the earth is his home. Let everybody walk with him. The will walk the route. The song then has a chorus which says ‘should take her head’ then they will all walk.

They mistake together. They will walk for her head. This is a love song. He will need to to walk with her darling .She will need to take his hand then they will walk together.

Little Miss Whiskey. The song says she can’t preach an angel. The song says, she wants whiskey then she can chase around. She is fine with whiskey .Give her whiskey oh mama. She just sit around and relax.

She will be good with whiskey and Country song then she will be justified. It is always good with whiskey.

Loving For A Saturday. It is a powerful song sung in a rapper style. It is a fast paced song with words pronounced very fast. It is a love song. The song says he welcomes her around. He will make fan with her everything will be alright.

Pour Whiskey On MY Grave.  It is a song which starts…will she go and bring deep fry whiskey? Let her not cry for him. She needs to take them to RockTown. She needs to save them. She doesn’t need to forget the promise.

They need to have good times. Let her allow him to go but he will come back. She needs to pour whiskey in his grave. However, she should always remember him. She will need to bring him deep whiskey. She does not need to cry on him. They will need to have midnight togather. This song is a very beautiful love song.

Silent House. The song starts by saying that was errands lose of food graves with faces like man who do be calm with knowing, steering for its true missing her. It is an awesome loving song. He needs to understand her insight. In a chorus, the song says that everything they make, it binds them.He will judge her correct though she left.

Rest he forget, he still remembers the years they still used to be togather. She will need to remember his heart meaning, he still loves her. She will need to make her minds and then they come togather.

This War Is Over. The song starts by saying; take up my shield, can we marshall it. He will need his wings. To them, he is right and going home. By taking his pain, he will continue fighting.

My Name Is Trouble. The song starts by saying that; they are naturally looking for him for the know him. This is a love song for it says that , she is in deeper trouble. He will go for her. The song shows that the two love birds have are in not good relationship.

The man wants to bring joy in the relationship. He would love to kiss her ‘babe’. He is lacking her joy. She needs not be afraid .She should remember, he snatched her.

Shine It All Around. This is a love song . It starts by saying; take a little sunshine. It says about a little love that he can give. She needs to turn around her love. This are the times man is a live. She needs a little shine and turn it around. She needs to take a little breath and turn around.

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