Dawn Anita – Singing Cowgirl Rides Again

CD Review: Dawn Anita – Singing Cowgirl Rides Again

by Antony Bailey for Country Music News International

  1. The Whole World Needs A Hero
  2. Drifter
  3. Key-Ya-Ha Chickasaw
  4. Night Rider’s Lament
  5. Come A Ridin’ Joe Cy
  6. The Wayward Wind
  7. Spearfish South Dakota
  8. Misfortune’s Own Sons
  9. Trucker And The Cowboy
  10. Dawni And Cloud
  11. Midnight Cowboy


The American singer-songwriter Dawn Anita treated her fans to some wonderful covers along with some of her best songs and new material in an album that was recorded and released in April last year. Despite having had battles with her health in recent times, the ‘Singing Cowgirl Rides Again’ with a record that was greeted with great deal of appraisal and from her fans.

The first song ‘The World Needs Hero’ was co-written with Mag Mawhinney and sheds a light on the current affairs around the world at this moment in time and how the world perhaps needs saving from itself. The second song ‘Drifter’ is a Pick cover as are ‘Spearfish South Dakota’ and ‘Misfortune’s Own Sons’ which also appear on the record.

‘Key-Ya-Ha Chickasaw’ is an original track that starts with the peaceful pan flute before the fiddle takes the song into the intro. The song itself is about native Americans and the sacredness of their land. ‘Trucker And The Cowboy’ is another of Anita’s original songs on the album and it offers a moment of reflection as it sings about loneliness and how life can sometimes be tough but ultimately, the only real option is to keep going.

‘Midnight Cowboy’ is similar to ‘Trucker And The Cowboy’ as the song is ultimately about perseverance and remaining resilient in the bad times as the good times might just be around the corner. ‘The Wayward Wind’ is a heartfelt and intimate rendition of Stand Lebowski and Herb Newman’s song.

The album is definitely worth downloading and adding to the collection and her fans will no doubt be delighted to have seen her return with some original material and who knows what 2022 will bring. Be sure to stay tuned to Country Music News International for updates over the coming year.

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