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DAVE WILBURN – With the Kirk Brothers

With the Kirk Brothers


Lord Show Me The Way – Near The Cross –
Bloom Where You Are Planted – My Rock – Search The Book Again – Lord I
Need You More – Put My Little Shoes Away – Let The Tear Stain The Altar –
Christ Is Not A Baby – God Sent An Angel – The Overton Waltz – He Made
Me Whole – Another Jewel – Do His Bidding Today
One of the most precious moments in time that I have is
listening to the servants of Christ praise Him.  Dave Wilburn is one of
Christ’s servants, and this CD he just sent me does a remarkable job of
praising the Lord is such a wonderful simple way.  To my way of thinking
‘simplicity is the epitome of sophistication.’  And I hear it more and
more wherever I go.  The electronic gadgetry of music seems to be ebbing
now.  Many artists are searching, seeking, and finding that very real
simple approach to music.  That’s what Dave has done with this fine
production.  Please remember Dave is in his mid-90’s so he’s experienced
a lot of the ups and downs of living on planet earth, especially these
days when times are so uncertain….still….Dave is able to bring his
talent to play, and play he does for our Lord Jesus Christ.  Not only
does he play well, he includes seven songs he has written himself.  He
recorded this wonderful CD with his pickin’ friends the Kirk Brothers;
James on guitar, lead singing and harmony, Larry singing tenor and
playing acoustic standup bass, and David singing baritone and playing
mandolin.  Dave comes right in there with lead vocals and guitar, as
well as a little bass.  You can surely hear this fine harmony on the
song “My Rock” which is done acapello without instrumentation.  These
Kirk Brothers are tremendous gospel singers, and are surely deserving of
being in our Hall of Fame which I hope will come to pass, with Dave’s
nomination.  This old time honest and sincere devotion is unparalleled
in my book, it’s the best.  Thank you Dave Wilburn for bringing this
wonderful old-time gospel CD to my attention.  I’m definitely going to
pass this one along to the Rural Roots Music Commission.  How could I
not, Dave has included me in the photo that is on the cover of this
super piece of music.

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