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DAVE REYNOLDS – Empty Pockets Empty Hearts

DAVE REYNOLDS – Empty Pockets Empty Hearts

Empty Pockets Empty Hearts – There Goes My
Heart – Henry Lawson – Brown Bottles – How Could I Love Her So Much –
Someone To Give My Love To – I’d Do It All Over Again – Four Country
Roads – Louisette – Hat Trick – The Road Goes On Forever – She Took It
Like A Man – Stand Beside Me – Ancient History – I Couldn’t Leave Her If
I Tried – ‘Til The Train Runs Out Of Track
     I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for good
traditional singers of country music, and Australia has a host of
goodun’s.  Received this very ‘country’ CD from old friend Michael T
Wall who lives in Newfoundland.  Dave Reynolds had me by the back of my
neck on his first song.  Well, mandolin and fiddle knocked me right into
the ‘real’ country genre.  It’s not bluegrass though he uses a lot of
bluegrass instrumentation in his arrangements, but he also uses lots of
other ‘country’ sounds.  He doesn’t just stay in that groove either.  He
travels all around the various ‘styles’ of country music, from
rock-a-billy (he even does a Johnny Cash show in Queensland) to a very
traditional sound.  He once recorded with Smoky Dawson.  I will never
forget my ‘meeting’ with Smoky at one of the old ‘very country’ fan
fairs in Nashville.  Smoky introduced himself to me, even though I was
pretty much a ‘don’t know who you are’  kind of struggling artist, but
not to Smoky.  It was an immediate ‘mate’ situation.  It’s the same with
Dave Reynolds.  He more than adequately sets his ‘manner’ and ‘style’
up front from the very beginning.  Aside from the great acoustic
instrumentalists he uses in this session, he also uses a fantastic steel
player, Winston Black.  I also like the harmonica of Bill Hillman, and
the mix is just right for a lover of ‘real’ country music.
     Dave Reynolds has received a monumental number of
awards, honors, and acclimation’s.  The very significant “Sunnie Award”
in Australia, as well as two country singles of the year and one best
album of the year award.  I can assure him that if somehow he can find
his way to America, as a mover and shaker in the Rural Roots Music
Association, he will be taken under serious consideration for
international CD of the year.
     It’s not just his unique way with country music, he
would appeal to the most modern lover of country music, as well as the
traditionalist.  He has a great empathy with the ‘bush’ being a cattle
rancher himself.  One of his songs (not on this album) ‘Cane Toad’ is a
remarkable example of his ability as a songwriter.  He can toss
‘Waltzing Matilda” out with the best of them, and turn right around and
flabbergast any rock-a-billy fan anywhere.
     I like the ‘mix’ very much in all the songs on this
CD, but more importantly this CD tells me how much we have lost in
modern country music in America these days.  Maybe it will take an
Aussie to bring us back to the real deal.
Bob Everhart, Reviewer

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