Dave Perryman – Sincerely Yours

CD Review: Dave Perryman – Sincerely Yours

By Stanley Mwene for Country Music News International Magazine

  1. We Didn’t Have It All
  2. Party Lovin’ Man
  3. Lonesome
  4. Hookin’ The Crawdad
  5. Season Song
  6. Knowing We Have Been One
  7. The Auctioneer
  8. There She Goes
  9. (Kansas City ) I’m Coming Home
  10. It’s Only Love

Little History of Dave Perryman

Dave was born and raised in a small town in Missour. He was brought up in a humble background. However, he was proud of himself, his country the Good Lord. He had very good relations with friend and neighbors. He was from a Christian family.

Ever since a young age, Dave found great passion and satisfaction in making music and sharing it with  fans and audience all over the world. He has appeared in countress venues including World’s of fan in Kansas City Missour, Kempter Arena and many others.

We Didn’t Have It All. This is a beautiful song sung by Dave. It is a love song which talks about love which has gone sour. The song proceeds to say that since love has gone sour, no wonder there is nothing he can play to her. The song says before love had broken, they used to have good times. The says that they need to come back again.

The song is sung by more than two voices. The song is moderate paced which can be accompanied by beautiful body movements. The song takes duration of 2:52

Party Lovin’ Man.It is a song which talks about the husband telling his lover he will be late. However, she should not worry. He will be late tonight. Though he is going to be late, she will need to check about him. She will need to take time. The lovely husband continues to say that she should stand there  looking at trees…meaning she should not worry.

There is nothing she is going to do to change his minds. Nothing she can say which which can change his minds. She needs to take time. This song is slow paced. More than two voices voices can be heard. Right from beginning to the end, the song is tuned with a powerful guitar.

LoneSome 7-7203 . The song says that he is not going to change today. He won’t speak to her . She will need to tell him who she is. It is a song talking about love which has broken up. He is not even interested to make a telephone call to her.

He will not even answer to her calls. Her sleep which change his tonight. She will be the only one he will be thinking about. Though, he is lonely, he still loves the lady. He is longing for the day when they will be together.

Hookin’ The Crawdad. It is a love song. It is a sweet song sung to the lover…….’Babe’. The man is trying all means to make her sweetheart happy. He used sweet words such as ‘babe’, ‘honey’.

The man is working all means to make the lady love her. The man proceeds to ask what he he can do to make her lover happy. He wants to do anything to own her.

Season Song. The sons is talking about December Holidays. It is a love song talking about the holiday when the loved man is going to spend time together with his sweetheart. They will be happy together because it is a Spring time.

It will be the most precious time they are going to be together. During December, the snow coild have fallen.

Knowing We Had Been One. It is also a love song which talks that he is going to be close to her. He can add weight to her. He will be lying next to her because of a lot of love. She will also need to move towards him. Indeed, he loves her. Both of them needs to be happy.

He can’t wait to see her. He wants her to be lying next to him so that they can be one. They need to spend moments of silence together.

The Auctioneer. It is a fast paced song. It talks about a boy who had to listen carefully and actually can talk rapidly.As time goes by, he can practice. He went to school and can play cool game.

This is a song which has a combination of English and some other local vernacular language.

There She Goes.It is a song which starts……There She Goes.She walks slowly .He had to be with her. He loves her still. She makes his way.

(Kansas City) I’m Coming Home. The song starts by saying travelling with her son just to see her father. He rested in a motel. He lied to to the son to reach his nest. The there is a chorus to see  her coming home where he belongs. Then, he can see America on the other side. Here, there is a chorus Kansas City I’m coming Home where he belongs.

When he is travelling a journey coming home. He can see beautiful stars remembering the day he had gone by.

It’s Only Love. The song states that sometimes, love stays in the mind. Love is a feeling indeed. Love to some is a word. Love is never easy to some .Love can still bound to some. Sometimes, love can be dreamed.

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