Daryn Wright – What A Bridge We’ve Built

CD Review: Daryn Wright – What A Bridge We’ve Built

by Antony Bailey for Country Music News International

Chart-topping Nashville singer-songwriter Daryn Wright is no stranger to the country scene and his latest single ‘What A Bridge We’ve Built’ was released earlier this year and is certainly going to ‘’withstand the test of time’’ as the chorus would suggest. The tune is available to download online from his website and is definitely worth adding to the autumn playlist as we head into the chilly winter months. Having already recorded and released three albums with Black Ribbon Records; Wright’s single is sure to make more just a few ripples on its own.

From an instrumental perspective, the song consists of an acoustic and electric guitar, bass, piano, fiddle, drums, and vocals. Each section is fairly subtle in its dynamic approach. The music is intimate, romantic, and is ultimately about two lovers working in tandem to build a life where they can look back with a great sense of pride in the future. It is bound to tug the audiences’ heartstrings over the festive season with lyrics such as ‘’It’s built on faith and trust and a love as strong as steel’’ which is sung in the chorus.

The track is sure to have a resounding effect on a wide-reaching audience as it signifies a message of love, hope, and optimism which has been in relatively low supply over the past couple of years as a result of the ongoing current affairs. If there has been one thing to unite people around the world in recent times, then it is music and sport.

Nothing brings people together in the same way that music does, and this single is a prime example of how contagious and infectious music can be at a time when people need each other the most in order to overcome difficulties. Be sure to stay tuned to Daryn Wright’s website and Facebook page over the New Year for any upcoming release dates and shows.

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