Daryl Mosley – The Secret of Life

CD Review:  Daryl Mosley – The Secret of Life

by Denise Labrie for Country Music News International


A Few Years Ago 3:29

The Secret Of Life 4:19

In A Country Town 4:23

Hands In Wood 4:06

It Never Gets Old 4:01

Do What The Good Book Says 3:33

All The Way Home 3:37

A Piece At A Time 3:49

The Deal 4:37

I’d Write You 3:28

Heartaches Moving In 2:59


This warm winter afternoon I am sitting on my yard swing under a huge old oak tree thinking about how much the world has gone through over the past 9 months with the COVID 19 pandemic. And, now there is hope on the horizon for the world with the vaccines that are being made available. As I started to listen to the CD, The Secret Of Life, I began realize how everything that we go through in life in some way all ties in together with our past, present and future.

With all of the songs written or co-written by Daryl Mosley there is a lot that he reveals to us about the secret of life. The CD has a nice bluegrass Tennessee country music style and feel to it. I find that the clear messages in these songs help me make sense out of a world filled with so much that does not make any sense at all.

A Few Years Ago

Nice fiddle intro, harmonies and look back on life lyrics that all meld together into this gem of a song. I can relate to not being able to do the things I used to do so easily a few years ago. I never dreamed I would have regrets Daryl recants. I found the message in this song reminds us that we should not hang on to the things in life we can’t change and can’t forget.

The Secret Of Life

This is a lovely song about life lessons and how to keep on the right track. This song offers some sage advice for all of the world especially during hard times. “Hard times are gonna happen ain’t nothing you can do just hold on to your loved ones and they will help you make it through…Thank the Good Lord every morning for another day to live.” Strong vocals and a melodious fiddle adds a lot of balance throughout this song.

In A Country Town

What is life like in a country town? As I am listening to a great intro and instrumental solos that compliment the fine vocals in this song, I learn the answer to this question. Daryl eloquently explains that living in a country town means you live a simple yet good life. To me this is one of the secrets to living a happy life.

Hands In Wood

A tribute song to Daryl’s dad who was skilled at his hands in wood and freely gave what he had to help those in need. This song illustrates what the impact of a legacy of good deeds and passing on a great faith in the Master Carpenter who gave up His life with His hands in wood can have on the lives of others.

Do What The Good Book Says

The keys to the secret of life are revealed in this song. Good rhythm and a hard driving melody move effortlessly throughout the track. The catchy chorus makes me want to sing along out loud. The message in this song is to simply do what the Good Book says. “It’s all there in black and white.” This is all you need to do to succeed in life and secure a place in Heaven.

A Piece At A Time

What is it like to lose everything one piece at a time? I could envision in this song a glimpse into what a farmer feels when he loses all that he’s worked for his whole life. The vocals, harmonies and banjo picking ring through strong and clear. An auction cannot measure someone’s worth. The fiddle breaks it all down right to the end of the story.

Heartaches Moving In

There are some nice fleeting love song lyrics in this song along with great stringed instrument performances, smooth vocals and harmonies. I know what it feels like when heartache moves in and you have to find a way to move on. I believe the greatest secret of life and heartbreak is learning to move on.

I enjoyed my time spent on the yard swing under the big oak tree listening to this CD and learning much about the secret of life. The CD is a great mix of strong vocals, musicianship and lyrics. What if the whole world turned these messages into reality. Could we find enough favor with Heaven to avoid another pandemic or other catastrophe?

Denise Labrie


Reporting for Country Music News International


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