Danny Barnes Got Myself Together (Ten Years Later)

Danny Barnes
Got Myself Together (Ten Years Later)
For immediate release
November 27, 2015

Recent Steve Martin Prize in Banjo and Bluegrass winner showcases his artistic evolution by rerecording his classic Get Myself Together in stripped-down form
SEATTLE – Danny Barnes’ first collection in six years showcases a singular songwriter and player in peak form as Got Myself Together (Ten Years Later)
reworks his classic album a decade on (“Big Girl Blues,” “Get Me Out of
Jail”). The Seattle-area resident simply strips songs to their essence
on the new recording. “I spend a lot of time developing new contexts
like the barnyard electronics aesthetic,” Barnes says. “Get Myself Together
was my last acoustic-type recording and I get quite a bit of fan mail
about it, but the label that released it went out of business. I wanted
to make something with this record that featured more of my raw acoustic
sound, as though I was kind of playing in your living room.”
Folks notice Got Myself Together (Ten Years Later), releasing November 27 on Eight 30 Records, delivering
Barnes trademark story songs and impeccable banjo picking over and
again on the album (“Rat’s Ass,” “Cut a Rug”). “Danny Barnes’ musical
horizon is vast and elegant,” says legendary Texas songsmith Robert Earl
Keen, who frequently enlists Barnes as banjoist in his touring band.
“I’ve said many times that he is the world’s greatest banjo player.
Danny’s singing swoops and soars by still waters and down rocky paths.”
“It is heaven and earth,” says superstar Dave Matthews, who also
frequently calls Barnes to bat in his live show. “It is Americana from
the back porch to the pulpit.”
fans immediately will recognize Barnes’ quirky lyrics and unimpeachable
banjo style jumping toward the fore with little distraction on the new
record. “I had to come up with a different scene for each song,” Barnes
says. “The original context for these songs was as though I had made a
movie and everything was all committed to celluloid. However, with music
you tend to shape things as you play them live. The routine: You write
something, you record it, then you go play it for ten years on the road.
So, in returning to the music, I had a different perspective. It’s more
like a dramatic work in that the company that performs it and the venue
it’s performed in necessarily changes the meaning.”
on the cake: The Temple, Texas native – and this year’s Steve Martin
Excellence in Bluegrass and Banjo winner – offers a buoyant bonus track
rerecording of his former band the Bad Livers’ high watermark “I’m
Convicted.” The song’s equally rambunctious and robust. “Danny Barnes
doesn’t sound like anyone else,” says iconic instrumentalist Bill
Frisell, whose “Big Shoe” closes out the album proper. “I was knocked
out when I first heard him play and continue to be.” “I enjoy these
songs and I think they are ‘real songs,’ if that makes any sense,”
Barnes concludes. “They can be strummed on a one-string instrument and
they still make sense and tell the story. They don’t depend on effects
or processing. I think they are worth a busy person taking time to jam
on them.”

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