The Board of Directors of the International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA) announced today that it has reluctantly accepted the resignation of Executive Director Dan Hays, effective February 29, 2012.  In doing so, the Board expressed its profound appreciation for Hays’ 21 years of effective, dedicated service in the position, noting that his contributions have been indispensible to the organization’s stature as a force for professionalism within the industry and as an advocate for the music in broader circles.
Citing new opportunities facing the music and the organization in coming years, Hays noted that:
“Bluegrass has achieved amazing and very different kinds of success over each of the last seven decades.  Today, bluegrass is poised to reach new heights, and IBMA has embarked on the challenge of reinventing itself in an age of major change in the entertainment world.  I’m fully in support of IBMA addressing the challenges of this era and have given my best to help set the stage for another positive evolution.”

“Approaching 2012, IBMA is poised to open doors to a new generation of opportunities – in creativity, in how we do business, and in how we connect with fans.   The role of the Executive Director will be critical, not only in helping us to walk through those doors, but in solidifying and strengthening the emerging roles for the organization in coming years. It’s exciting to be where we are and, in my judgment, this is an opportune time for a leadership transition.”

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