RR VISION(REGINA AND RONALDO
                                     To fell and say something about what we write above,is necessary have this way inside of each one of us…
                                      The beggining of Country was in Apalaches Mountains and we know what is really that!
The origens has come from farmers that in Sec
XVII take the ground in South Apalaches Mountains.The second time ,if
we can say like that,was in USA,Texas with blues,and rural music of
black dance . In the 20’s decade with the radio,the coutry spread so 
far and the first álbuns will be recorded.
                                      The WSM radio from Nashville the most importante radio station from Tenessee  increase  too much this kind of music!!!!
                                       Jimmie Rodgers(James C.Rodgers,knowing like the father of Country music was born in 8 of
September 1897-Mississipi.
 He died in 1933.Receive prize
,and has choice in the first election of Country Music Hall of  Fame in
1961.(After his dead,sure!)
We have today more than 2600 rádios in USA that play Country Music….I
think that we have more…this stations are responsable for more than
17 per cent of all sales in the fonographic industry….That is to you
know what Country Music do and what is the real influence of a thing
named Country!!!!
Today we
have lots of Country things,people,singers,song writers,people who do
reviews of country music like Regina and me,clothes and so on!!!!
This is only to know how great is that theme that we  are sharing  with
you,and changing ideas about!!!The real Country soul comes with the
Pearson….all the parts of the world has ,if you go to know a part
country….Brasil,Germany,USA,Russia etc.Then we understand that
country is a thing that occurs in all the world…and our curiosity turn
bigger….is very interesting and i want to put it clearly one
                                       Then the
world is country ,have a seed of Country in each population of the
Earth?Is that or I am wrong?Lets investigate,the word country is
,Land,rural zone and so on…
By the time we stop to try to understand better that ,but is not the
end dot…wait…I am doing my study about!!!!I want to do a projection
of the future of country music…in the first times it was very simple
…was the hillibily….and after the Money comes and we dont say more
hillibily,like in Brasil
we  say Sertaneja,but to say about the music of years ago….Well the
true is …today the Country moves millions of dollars and it change
all!!!The roots don go away…and it will be good,because the essence of
,the soul of country music is just the simple way of life of our past
and we dont be shy whit that!!!!!
modernity is a powerfull thing and Country can go to another way that
we can not stop!!!It is what goes in our minds…to put a end in all
that ,by this time I want to say only a thing….KEEP IT
COUNTRY!!!!!!!YES!!!!!RR(Regina and Ronaldo to CMNI from Campos dos Goytacazes-Country Journalists.See

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