COUNTRY OUTLAWS Classic Country With A Unique Flair

Classic Country With A Unique Flair
This Is Where The Cowboy Rides Away – Farmer’s Daughter – Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down – In My Next Life – Walk With Him – Guitars and Cadillacs – I Thought I Heard You Calling My Name – Swinging Doors – I Didn’t Know God Made Honky Tonk Angels – Storms of Life – Today I Started Loving You Again – Hickory Wind – Wake Up
I’ve reviewed a couple CD’s by the ‘Country Outlaws’ before.  This is a ‘beginning’ group that are struggling to find not only their ‘niche’ in country music, but also what they want to sound like.  I believe they’ve found both.  They are going to definitely be ‘classic’ country music performers and recording artists.  Both of these outlaws are very traditional in their approach to music, whether they are performing live, or in the recording studio.  They also want to include something of themselves in what they do, and you will find the song “Walk With Him” an original by Paul Burnett, the honcho of the duet.  If you are a traditional country fan, and are somewhat dismayed by the music coming out of Nashville called ‘country’ this is what you are looking for.  Though they might not be the polished pickers that know 3,648 chords, they know what it takes to present a good piece of ‘authentic’ country music, and they can do it with three chords.  Kind of like ‘Name That Tune’ I can play a country song in five chords….no I can do it in four….wait a minute I can do it in three.  Blazing saddles, Hank Williams did it in two, and today’s so-called country ‘stars’ pretty much dismiss Hank Williams as an old nasal folk singer without any dues paid. Guess who hasn’t paid their dues.  You’re right, they’re the producers, directors, record companies, and money children in Nashville who bought their way in.  Ain’t it neat?  If you have enough money you can be a country star?  That’s not the case with the Country Outlaws.  They are going through the same ‘growing pains’ that folks like Willie and Waylon and Kris and Johnny did when they became the ‘outlaws’ in country music.  I say more power to them, we get so God-awful much clap-trap from Nashville called ‘country’ and it’s not even in the same universe let alone the same country as ‘real’ authentic rural music.  Be that as it may, I’m pretty sure you are going to enjoy hearing this dedicated dynamic duo performing at the LeMars, Iowa, festival this year.  Go to for updates and schedules when you might see the Country Outlaws.  You can also buy their CD direct from them.  Might as well get in on the ground floor before they become inaccessible.  Well, that’s not likely to happen, they’re both nice guys, one from Iowa, one from South Dakota.
Paul Burnett, 15 Maple St., LeMars, Iowa, 51031

Bob Everhart

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