Country Music News International Radio Show Playlist September 8

Country Music News International Radio Show Playlist September 8th, 2023

9 pm – 11 pm (CET) GER, 2 pm – 4 pm (CST) USA, 8 pm – 10 pm (GMT) UK

Old Country Church                                                                    Gaither Vocal Group

Set Me on the Rock, Joshua                                          George Younce & Toni Clay

I’m One of Them                                                                          Tim Hignite

Bible Ben                                                                                        Larry Sparks

I Can’t Even Walk                                                                         Marty Stuart

Didn’t I Walk on Water                                                              The Dunaways

That Little Ole Bible                                                                     Sandy Shortridge

Tell Someone How Precious He Is                                           Primitives

Power in the Blood                                                                      Gordon Mote

Welcome to the Promise Land                                                 Heaven Bound

Turn Your Back                                                                             Justified QT

So Much God                                                                                Greater Vision

This Man Jesus                                                                              Veterans QT

Everybody Want to go to Heaven                                           Mark Lowry

Children Go Where I Send Thee                                                          The Bishops

The Old White Flag                                                                      Triumphant QT

He’s Coming Back                                                                        1 A Chord

I Know My God Can Do It                                                                      The Old Paths

We Missed You in Church Last Sunday                                              Joe Mullins

He’ll Make A Way                                                                        The Crabb Family

Thank You Lord                                                                            Chris Else

The Preacher and the Stranger                                                Joey and Rory

Set Your House in Order                                                            Gordon Mote

That Special Dawning                                                                 Right Spirit

Something                                                                                     The LeFevre QT

Your Cries Have Woken the Master                            Mike and Kelly Bowling

Joy Unspeakable                                                                          Kim Hopper

The Farmer and the Lord                                                                      Jimmy Dean

I, John                                                                                             Florida Boys

One Day I Will                                                                        The Gospel Plow Boys

Wonderful Time Up There                                                        Mark Trammell QT

I’ll Put on a Crown                                                                                   Triumphant QT

Standing on Holy Ground                                                                     Cathedrals

Jesus Is Coming Soon                                                                  Mark Trammell QT

I Call it Heaven                                                                              Squire Parsons

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