Country Music News International Radio Show Playlist March 10th

Country Music News International Radio Show Playlist March 10th, 2023

9 pm – 11 pm (CET) GER, 2 pm – 4 pm (CST) USA, 8 pm – 10 pm (GMT) UK

Goodbye World Goodbye                                                      Anthony Burger

On the Sea of Life                                                                           Redeemed QT

All God’s Children Gonna Rise and Shine                             Melody Boys QT

His Love                                                                                SouthBound

The Preacher Intro                                                                           McCray Dove

The Preacher                                                                          Dove Brothers

Ride that Glory Train                                                             The Cathedrals

This is That                                                                            Walt Mills

I Want a Church That’s Alive                                                Les Butler

Not the Man I Was                                                                          Jim Hurst

Long Black Train                                                                   Triumphant QT

O What a Time                                                                      Ivan Parker

No Way I’ll Turn Back Now                                                  Del Way

I Went to a Church Homecoming                                           Kevin Williams

I Know a Man Who Can                                                                 Dignity Gospel QT

Older People                                                                          Greater Vision

Without a Valley                                                                    Florida Boys QT

Goodbye World Goodbye                                                      Anthony Burger

Hit the Ground Running                                                                 Ivan Parker

Gospel Boogie                                                                       Johnny  Cash

God Can Save Anybody, Anywhere, Anytime                       Kingsmen

Coming Soon                                                                        Redeemed QT

Remember Who He Is, Remember What He Does                           Mark Bishop

Reach Out to Jesus                                                                          Elvis Presley

Your Faith has Made You Whole                                           Dignity Gospel QT

Walking my Lord Up Calvary’s Hill                                Marty Stuart & Connie Smith

That Little Ole Bible                                                               Sandy Shortridge

I Call it Home                                                                        Squire Parsons

The Devil Tried His Best                                                                 N’Harmony

Texas Town                                                                                    Del Way

Get on Your Feet                                                                   Won by One

What a Day                                                                            Carroll Robinson

Just a Little Bit Wiser                                                             Dayspring

Drinking From my Saucer                                                      Michael Combs

A Good Day                                                                                    The Woodsmen

Fire Away                                                                              Living Faith QT




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