Country Music News International Radio Show Playlist July 28

Country Music News International Radio Show Playlist July 28th, 2023

9 pm – 11 pm (CET) GER, 2 pm – 4 pm (CST) USA, 8 pm – 10 pm (GMT) UK

Goodbye World Goodbye                                                                     Anthony Burger

Get On Your Feet                                                                                     Won By One

Still Drinking Water                                                                                 The Cathedrals

Joy’s Going to Come                                                                               Rejoice

Let’s All Go to Church                                                                             The Hemphills

Your Walk Talks                                                                                       Mark Trammell QT

Didn’t it Rain                                                                                             Dove Brothers

Hallelujah Turnpike                                                                                 Lewis Family

Follow the Fire                                                                                         The Florida Boys

Somebody Touched the Lord                                                               Perfect Heart

Check it Out                                                                                                          The Melody Boys

Get Saved                                                                                                  Del Way

Little Old Bible                                                                                          Sandy Shortridge

Listen to the Radio                                                                                              The Homeland QT

If You Don’t Love Neighbor then You Don’t Love God                 Rhonda Vincent

I’m On My Way to Heaven                                                                   Walt Mills

Meet Me at the Table                                                                             Kingsmen

Hey Jonah                                                                                                  Jericho

Hard Trials Will Soon be Over                                                              The Cathedrals

Preacher Tell me Like It Is                                                                      Greater Vision

Goodbye World Goodbye                                                                     Anthony Burger

I Think I’ll Go Back to the Table                                                           Heavenbound

Practice What You Preach                                                                    Old Friends QT

Prodigal Son                                                                                                         Kingsmen

Glorious Song in the Morning                                                              Pheifers

In My Robe of White                                                                              Gold City

When I Get Carried Away                                                                                 Gold City

Midnight Cry                                                                                             Gold City

It’s the Truth                                                                                             Dignity Gospel QT

I Know My God Can Do It                                                                                 Heavenbound

Devil Hunter                                                                                                         Del Way

Saints Will Rise                                                                                          Kingsmen

I’ve Got Joy                                                                                               Michelle Hopper

It’s Who You Know                                                                                             Carroll Roberson

Walking My Lord up Calvary’s Hill                                                      Walt Mills

Don’t Take Your Eyes Off Jesus                                                           Larry Sparks

God’s Got an Answer For the Blues                                                    Sharon Forest

Your Blesser Ain’t Never Been Blessed                                                          The Cathedrals

Rough Side of the Mountain                                                                F C Barnes

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