Country Music News International Radio Show Playlist July 21

Country Music News International Radio Show Playlist July 21st, 2023

9 pm – 11 pm (CET) GER, 2 pm – 4 pm (CST) USA, 8 pm – 10 pm (GMT) UK

Goodbye World Goodbye                                            Anthony Burger

He Could Love What was Left of Me                                     Wilburn and Wilburn

It’s Who you Know                                                      Carroll Robinson

Don’t Let the Devil Dance                                            Margo Smith and Holly

Something Good’s About to Happen                                     The Hills

I Feel That Holy Ghost Power                                      Marvin Morrow

The Son is Always with Me in the Mine                       Sandy Shortridge

Drinking From my Saucer                                            Michael Combs

Best is Yet to Come                                                      Brian Lee Masters

Joy Unspeakable                                                           Kim Hopper

Old Time Gospel Medley                                                       Sandy Shortridge

When it’s all Said and Done                                         Kingsmen QT

I Don’t Want to go Back                                                        Kingdom Heirs

Here Come’s My Son                                                   Jim Blakey

Back to God                                                                          Reba McEntire

What God Says                                                             Voices One

Halfway up the Mountain                                             Tribute QT

Goodbye World Goodbye                                                                     Anthony Burger

Angels on Board                                                                                       Singing Americans

The Old White Flag                                                                                  Triumphant QT

Stand Back                                                                                                 The Speers

Then I Met the Master                                                                           Carroll Robinson

Down to the River to Pray                                                                    Nelons

I Can See the Hand                                                                                              The Cathedrals

Just a Little Talk with Jesus                                                                    Alabama Boys

Gonna Make a Getaway                                                                        Toney Brothers

Resurrection Day                                                                           Tammy Jones Robinette

Working on a Building                                                                      Singing Ambassadors

Your Walk Talks                                                                                       Mark Trammell QT

A Few More Miles                                                                                   Tim Thomas Trio

Might Deep Well                                                                                      Kingdom Heirs

I Believe in the Lord                                                                                The Lester’s

Do You Know How it Feels                                                                    The McKameys

We’re Not Gonna Do It                                                                          Toney Brothers

Touring that City                                                                                      The Inspirations

Here Comes Jesus                                                                            Jeff and Sherri Easter

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