Country Music News International Radio Show Playlist February 24

Country Music News International Radio Show Playlist February 24th, 2023

9 pm – 11 pm (CET) GER, 2 pm – 4 pm (CST) USA, 8 pm – 10 pm (GMT) UK

Goodbye World Goodbye                                   Anthony Burger

Keep Keeping On                                                Fortner Brothers 4 Christ

Old Camp Meeting Time                                              The Cathedrals

God Delivers Again                                   Ernie Hass and Signature Sound

A New Born Feeling                                           The Cathedrals

It’s the Truth                                                       Dignity Quartet

Somethings About to Happen                             The Hills

Little Ole Bible                                                    Sandy Shortridge

Drinking That New Wine                                             Troy Richardson

It’s Not What’s Over the Door                                      The Cathedrals

Would Jesus Be Welcome                                   Del Way

Little Eyes                                                           Authentic Unlimited

Dig a Little Deeper                                              The Cathedrals

It’s Who You Know                                           Carroll Robinson

I Want to Tell You About Jesus                                    Dignity Quartet

Suppertime                                                          The Cathedrals

I Don’t Want to Get Adjusted                             Kim Hopper

When We Reach the Water                                  The Primitives

Goodbye World Goodbye                                            Anthony Burger

Didn’t it Rain                                                               Dove Brothers

The Next Time You See Me                                         Kingsmen

I Think Myself Happy                                                  Jerry Branscomb

Give Me a Song at Midnight                                         Kingsmen

Sweet Beulah Land                                                       Squire Parsons

Come on In                                                                  Guardians QT

Hold On                                                                       Journeymen         QT

Older People                                                                 Greater Vision

Guide My Feet                                                              Kingsmen

Between the Pulpit and Pew                                         Ken and Kim Stull

I Like My Gospel Country                                            White River

There’ll be a Lot of Singing                                          Kingsmen

My Future Ain’t What it Used to Be                    Marty Raybon and Jerry Salley

Revival’s in the Land Today                                         Walt Mills

Halfway up the Mountain                                             Tribute QT

When I Wake up to Sleep No More                              Kingsmen

Swinging Doors                                                            Del Way

Let’s go Back to the Cross                                             Carroll Robinson

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