Country Music News International on FM Radio Station

Music News International Magazine with its weekly Newsletter and Radio
Shows in English and German, joins Copenhagen FM Radio Station,
Rødovrekanalen 105.9FM. 

That’s the next milestone for Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show .

Music News International was started 2011 with the goal of bringing
country music news to the entire world.  The magazine quickly found
readers from all over the world.  Because of the fact that country music
comes from America, it’s not surprising that most of the readers are
from America, followed by Germany and the United Kingdom.

Music News International is now well known worldwide for its weekly
newsletter, exclusive news, reviews and many more. The website contains
Country Music News, Interviews, CD Reviews and Music News in General. 
Christian Lamitschka, publisher & editor of Country Music News
International: “Big names as well as small ones get equal coverage
because we believe our readers want to know who could be the next big
star before they become the next big star.”

Kristin Krone, DJ of one of the Country Music News International Radio
Shows: “It was only a question of time that one of the big radio
stations in Europe find out how great Country Music News International
is and want them as cooperate partner fo their program.”

Music News International will be part of the  show “Roots & Country
Klub” that airs  2 times a month on wednesdays  on Radio Rødovrekanalen FM105.9  now.
Anja Kristin Krone will air the show. She was employed for the show by
the big success she have with the Country Music News International Radio
Show each week on Country Kanalen. Anja Kristin Krone: “Country Music
News International will fill the show with interviews by Christian
Lamitschka, News and more from the website.”

Roots & Country Klub show on FM105.9 Rø in
cooperation with Country Music News International, will air  Every
second Wednesday:

5:00 pm – 9:00 pm (GMT) UK

6:00 pm – 10:00 pm (CET) Germany

11:00 am – 4:00 pm (CST) Nashville

and onlineradio can be found on the
internet at


Facts about Country Music News International:


Readers since February 2011: 3,226,776 (December 29. 2019)

Readers in 2019: 418,572 (December 29. 2019)

Readers Top 10 Country since February 2011 : USA 1,602,131 Germany 434,235 UK 132,506 Russia 128,077 France 113,373 Canada 70,428Ukraine 41,667 China 24,669 Brazil 20,673 Unknown Region 19,594 (December 29. 2019)


Published at Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, Xing, Email 


Listeners 2019: ca. 100,000

Facts about Rødovrekanalen 105.9FM

Listeners FM: 25.000 

Listeners Online: 500

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