is our Land and we have too much Country singers ….Good many, bad a
lot!Country is. Kind of music that needs to be done seriously ,like all
in life!
We have serious people in our Land….Not so Country …we need to do all Good!
Many times I hear a music that has the name …Country, but …my
God …is not a music ..Is empty…if I was a songwriter(this is my
trouble…I am not) I have no courage to say …this music..I do!
Brasil Country has gold in musics,like Rancho Fundo…You Put
see the page ,go to music…You see…write musica …is music in
Portuguese,write Rancho Fundo and listen!Is a old music ,but has all the
roots that Country needs to have..and say much to our

Go ahead….Return to musica and Put
..Vítor e Léo…Eu e Deus no Sertã like I and God in the
Country….more or less..What wonderfull music of my Brasil, say about
simple things ,like love,stars shinning and the name of the Almigthy
Lord God!Deus is God in Portuguese!And people think that do music is
easy!!!!Only to people Who has simple things in HEART!We say Sertaneja
Music…is like Country..the same thing.
I choice this two musics
because one is old but Very Nice and the other is new and
wonderfull….You see that both has deply roots ,different times and
tell me that in all times ,Country is in the top …forever…and is the
same way in all the World!What You think?
I have in my mind that
in small towns live the Very soul of Country ,and there the roots of
Countrynever dies…is like a fountain ,drops of WATER …going
on…doing a small river ….a great river ….and Then open inside
the sea….and it is in all the world! is my idea!
I ask You
….Country is easy? No….is a complex thing! One day I understand it better.
To our readers a great hug and lets go in this wonderfull world!
RR to CMNI ,from Campos dos Goytacazes .Brasil.See You soon!

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