a sad thought.  It would be a God send to have Alan Jackson, Garth Brooks,
Reba McIntire, Vince Gill, George Jones, Dolly Parton, and a few other artists,
purchase the Opry as a life saver.  All it would take is good management
that knows how to preserve the Opry from the past to the present and
future.  If the Opry gets in the wrong hands again, as it is now, it will
die a tragic death.  I believe that The Grand Ole Opry will always be here
if the artists who are being inducted hold true to their promise of taking care
of The Mother Church of Country Music, and the only way to do that, is not to
give her lip service, but to make regular appearances so that she can breathe
with new life into her heart and soul.  There are not many of the legends
left to keep the Opry as strong it once was, but there are some artists who
took the pledge at induction to carry on the Opry Tradition, and we never see
them on the Opry stage.  Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert are too busy
with their careers to seemingly care about the Opry as they promised.  Lip
service is what they gave in their induction speech.  They are not the
only ones to blame.  The Opry management uses the big names as promotion,
but many of the members of the Opry are never there, and probably will never
make any appearances that will help the Opry until they retire or quit the
road, after they make enough money.
management should have a contract whereby all artists have to make 12
appearances a year, which is not difficult in a year’s time.  The
Opry has Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday shows to schedule the
members.  It seems that the only time we see the ones who think they are
superstars, is when they want to promote their career-other than that, they do
not live by the promises they made when they were inducted.  Recently we
inducted Keith Urban, and I strongly feel that he is committed to the future of
the Opry as Little Jimmy Dickens, Bill Anderson, Jean Shepard, Stonewall
Jackson, Jack Greene, Jimmy C. Newman, Vince Gill, Ricky Skaggs, Steve Wariner,
etc.  The Opry will stay alive when those that are new members give of
their time and talents to keep her moving forward in the future.
have concerts for The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, “All For
The Hall,”
so why not have each member of the Opry submit their open
dates each month, and when they are called upon to appear, don’t make
excuses, just be there and do what they promised when they were inducted on the
Circle of Wood where so many others kept their promise to the Opry.
we have missed something in the past few years, what would Bloomberg know about
what The Grand Ole Opry stands for.  Let’s hope and pray that if the
Opry is ever sold, that it is purchased by those who understand what the Opry
means to the history and legacy of the country music industry. 
following article is kind of scary.  Hopefully the Grand Ole Opry will
continue to be the home of Johnny Cash, Little Jimmy Dickens, Carrie Underwood,
Jean Shepard, and she will always be The Mother Church of  Country
(AP) — Country music’s most
famous stage might hit the selling block. According to Bloomberg business news,
the owner of the Grand Ole Opry is one step closer to losing the venue that’s
been home to everyone from Johnny 
Cash and Dolly
Parton to Carrie Underwood. 

Nashville-based Gaylord Entertainment moved closer to becoming an acquisition
target last week when shareholders voted to let a “poison pill”
guarding against unwanted takeovers expire. Bloomberg reported that the $1.69 billion
company is already reviewing options to boost its shares, which fell 33 percent
last year.
Thursday, May 17 2012,
07:51 AM CDT

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