Corinne Cook Releases Lyric Music Video In Support of Official Video and Single for “Yes I Can”

Emerging Country artist, Corinne Cook, has released a lyric video to support the success of her official video and single, “Yes I Can,” via online streaming platforms YouTube and Facebook. The lyric video is available for viewing here.

“While so many of us are being quarantined
at home, I hope this lyric video will provide a little fun, inspiration
and remind us of some of the brave & iconic women that made great
sacrifices in history.”

The official
video for recent single, “Yes I Can,” was released in March in support
of and honoring strong women for their contributions to history, culture
and society such as Rosa Parks, Susan B. Anthony, Amelia Earhart and Sally Ride
during Women’s History Month by Country music artist and songwriter,
Corinne Cook.  “Yes I Can” was penned by songwriters Hugh James Hardman,
Rick Mathews and Steve Belkin. The video was produced and directed by
Nina Baldridge. The video was premiered exclusively on The Heartland
Network Country Music Today and is available on
YouTube and Corinne’s Artist Page on Facebook.

About Corinne Cook:

While still engaging in a whirlwind balancing act both personally and professionally, Corinne Cook
has enjoyed a handful of accolades for her previous albums. “I Don’t”
from her 2015 release Dressed Up For Goodbye won a Nashville Industry
Music Award (NIMA) for Song of the Year in 2016. Her debut album I’m Not
Shy included two tracks that reached the Top 5 on the Inside Country
chart; #1 hit “Uninvited Guest” and the title track, which reached #4.
Cook’s current project, Yes I Can, marks an important breakthrough for
Cook as a songwriter of great storytelling skill and depth. The
California native has been accumulating and telling stories all her
life, all grounded in her years growing up in an intensely musical
family in the Central California towns of Tracy and Escalon. After
spending 4 years in the Air Force, she returned home to Tracy and won a
singing competition, which ultimately led to her first album.
Reconnecting with her passion for singing and performing, Corinne began
singing at festivals in Northern California and worked part time as a
radio DJ for the classic country station 93.9 “The Ranch” in Ripon, CA.
Fully committing to the dreams that are now coming to fruition, Corinne
moved to Nashville, to focus on developing her career as a singer and
songwriter. 2019 has brought critical success and radio airplay for the
recent single release along with the official video for “One Box of
Tissues” off the album Yes I Can. She was recently nominated in four
categories by her peers for the 2019 NIMA Awards (Nashville Industry
Music Awards.)

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