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the complete list of winners from the 46th Annual CMA Awards
of the Year:

of the Year:
Eric Church

Vocalist of the Year:

Vocalist of the Year:

Group of the Year:
Big Town

of the Year:
Little Big Town
Song of the
You,” Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert (songwriters)

Event of the Year:
Like a Rock Star,” Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw

of the Year:

Video of the Year:
Solo Cup,” Toby Keith

Artist of the Year:
of all I offer congratulations to those who won awards, especially
Willie Nelson’s Lifetime Achievement Award as it will be known from
here on, and Blake Shelton putting the hurt on everyone else with his
awards collection. Blake Shelton’s acceptance speech about the
loss of his Dad and brother was as strong and sincere as I have ever
heard. At least we could hear him speak. All of my comments are not
sour grapes just because I am older and because I am not hearing the
fiddles and steel guitars as much as all of us did at one time. I
have always kept up with the times and the changes in music, but I
know what I seen and what I heard last night.
is sad that that Martina McBride or Reba did not win female vocalist
of the year or George Strait, Vince Gill, and Alan Jackson as male
vocalists, to name a few, who are still recording country.
thoughts regarding last night’s guitars and drums show was that it
was just another show that ABC produced with a rock n roll attitude.
Sunglasses, baseball caps, rock n roll sounds blasting out, the male
artists dressed like they were getting ready to drive their semi
cross country with chains hanging down their legs, seedy looking
jeans, T-Shirts, and steel guitarist standing up to play rock. If
that is what country music is coming to, then I think there is
trouble ahead for the music.
shows are supposed to be glitz and glamour, not funky jeans and
T-Shirts, and chains.
can accept the changing of the guard because that is inevitable, but
passing the torch to this group of artists (not all of them) is going
to burn the flame completely out because it has only been flickering
for several years.
CMA ever have complete control over
own show”
dictate who and what is a part of the show instead of having a
network come to town and produce a show that they still don’t know
much about-evidently. No doubt the network wants faces and bodies on
the show that will draw viewers to watch, because last night the
artists’ vocals were buried in the guitar amps and the drum sets.
Their contract with ABC needs to be renegotiated.
watched what was supposed to be the 46
Annual CMA
Music” Awards Show

last night, but it stunk up the evening for me. Where the hell was
the country music. And once again ABC hired another sound tech that
did not have his hearing aid on last night, because the sound was
shameful. I watched the entire show and we could not understand what
anyone was singing.
of the artists had ear monitors and still were singing flat, and
probably did not know it, it was so loud. Go ahead and ask some of
your friends if they could understand the vocals. With guitars
blaring through rock amplifiers, and guitarist and bass players with
their legs spread far enough apart that you could drive a Mac truck
through, drummers with Mohican haircuts, nasty looking bands, and if
Eric Church, Luke Bryan, and Jason Aldean are the changing of the
guard in country music artists, that is scary. These new artists of
today are all making big bucks at the expense of calling themselves
country. I will give them one thing in their favor-they sure have
great marketing people. With the awards other than tribute awards,
comes the artist’s financial status changing as well, as their
performance fee automatically increases dramatically!!!!! Does money
rule their career or does it ruin their careers?
best part of the evening was the tribute and award to Willie Nelson.
If you watched the camera man panning Willie while the artists
butchered his music, you noticed that he looked like he didn’t know
what the hell was going on. It almost looked like he was saying,
“are those my songs!!!!” Thank God he came on stage to put his
music back in place. But Willie gave credit to the music tribute as
he is always so good with words. But it took the country music
industry a long time to pay tribute to this man of all seasons of
music-it took almost a lifetime. I would have thought ABC would have
invited Ray Price, one of Willie’s best friends, to present the
award to him, but no, the legends, elders, and veterans, are not
allowed to be seen at the CMA Rockin in the Country Awards Show.
Possibly they do not want to attend a rock concert. I guess the
powers to be figures they only need to pay homage to these artists
when one of them passes on.
I am wrong in what I am hearing, seeing, and feeling, please somebody
tell me, but please send your suggestion to CMA on how a country
awards show should be. Maybe those of us who feel this way are just
a minority because the major record labels, management companies, and
PR people keep their artist’s believing they are superstars-in
their own eyes.
this 46
CMA Awards Show was a glimpse of the future of country music, then
country music took a left turn when they should have turned right.
Just sitting watching these male artists singing was enough to make
me sick to my stomach. At least Aldean had his guitar and a hat that
goes with country music, and most of the male artists who sang with a
wireless must have thought they were rap artists. And then I read a
lot of off colored comments about Taylor Swift. Every female artist
in “country music” “today” needs to thank this young lady for
the doors she has opened for herself and all of them. You might
consider her the modern day “Kitty Wells.” Now don’t go
preaching to me for that statement. I knew Kitty Wells and I know
what she meant to real country music, but I DID NOT HEAR ANY REAL
was nice to see Connie Smith and Willie Nelson in the audience, but I
wonder where Alan Jackson, George Jones, Jean Shepard, Stonewall
Jackson, Bill Anderson, Jim Ed Brown, and the other real country
music artists were last night. Will we ever see the likes of The
Statler Bros., The Oak Ridge Boys, or Alabama again? I do not see
any groups who will be a part of the country music scene in the near
future. Maybe they no longer feel they are a part of what country
music once was. It is almost like the Grand Ole Opry and how they
induct new members and then they never see them again. CMA needs to
make it a policy to invite the legends of country music to awards
show and seat them in a section where they can be seen by the live
audience and also the TV audience, because the guys and gals of
today, most of them, will never reach legendary status, because they
do not know how to treat the honor of being legendary. Possibly
Reba, Paisley, Underwood, McBride, Gill, and some others will carry
the title soon, but Eric Church, Jason Aldean, and Luke Bryan need to
enjoy all the good times they can handle now, because a fan base is
difficult to keep in this day and time, so let’s take another look
at their careers in five (5) years. If they are still making what
they call country records, I will tip my hat to them.
have changed and we have to move with the times, but country radio
and major record labels have been turncoats when it comes to playing
and making country records. There is a place on every radio station
in this country for traditional country music. I am not beating a
dead horse on this subject, just trying to keep an open mind as to
what is the definition of country music. It certainly was not
defined last night. When an artist is singing and all you can hear is
the blasting guitar riffs and a drummer who thinks he has two piece
of timber that he needs to whittle down and then call them
drumsticks. It looks as if some of these musicians are taking their
attitudes out on their instruments and the sound tech doesn’t know
enough to pull the gain slide down on them so that they do not
overrun the singer, which they did all night. I guess the artist is
just as much to blame for allowing this. That is why they have
earphones so that they can hear only themselves and block out all of
the instruments, and whoever the sound tech is, should go back to
last comment is that I love Brad Paisley’s singing, his awesome
guitar playing and I love Carrie Underwood’s great selection of
song material and her super voice, but I would think it is time for
Vince Gill to return to the podium of hosting the CMA Awards Show and
possibly ask Dolly to co-host the show in 2013, maybe even ask Garth
to co-host, or how about Vince Gill and Mel Tillis. That would be
exactly what the awards show needs.
have made my comments and I am always open to your comments, pro or
con, but

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