LeMars, Iowa…..”Anyone connected to, or familiar with, ‘country’ music has probably heard the name Stanley.  Probably lots of folks have been exposed to the Stanley name, especially the Stanley Brothers, preservationists of mountain music, or as they liked to call it, ‘old timey country.’  The brothers are being inducted into America’s Old Time Country Music Hall of Fame this year.  Ralph Stanley, the surviving Stanley Brother, was a huge hit in the movie “O Brother Where Art Thou.”  His brother Carter, the smooth vocalist and songwriter for the duo, passed away in 1966 from cirrhosis of the liver.  He was only 41 years old.  Ralph has carried on the musical tradition of the Stanley Brothers, mostly with his band the Clinch Mountain Boys. This ‘tradition’ is vitally important to fans of country music, when it was actually ‘country.’  Today, most country music leans heavily on rock-and-roll, and even rap, in an attempt to attract a young audience.  But in the doing, perhaps major labels have tossed the baby out with the bath water, when it comes to actually projecting a true ‘country’ image in the music they produce.”
     Bob Everhart, the President of the National Traditional Country Music Association, can be very outspoken about his stand on country music.  “I  get calls, letters, and e-mails from fans of an earlier style country music every day.  The come from around the world, and they are especially concerned about the ‘direction’ of country music here in America.  Where I live, it’s still the Great Plains or perhaps the prairie lands of America.  The audience for an older form of country music is still quite large here, and most of them don’t particularly like to see traditional country music so disdainfully discarded, as it apparently has been in Nashville.  I also serve on the Board of Directors of the Rural Roots Music Commission, and these people are also dismayed at the ‘style’ of country music that is developing.  They simply tune it out.  But not for long, I think.  There’s a young guy coming out of Nashville with two very important missions on his mind.  He’s a Christian, and not afraid to give praise to his Lord.   And, he’s an authentic ‘real-deal’ country music artist.  A ‘classic’ country music artist.  His name is Nathan Stanley.”
     “Nathan Stanley is the grandson of Ralph Stanley, of the famous brothers that go into the Hall of Fame this year.  Nathan was born to be an entertainer, and as one listens to his newest CD, we also recognize that Nathan may very well be the answer to the huge need in America, to bring country music back to the country.  He was cast into the spotlight when he was only two years old, under the diligent training of his grandfather Ralph.  Nathan has already released a number of CD’s all of them harking to real country, real bluegrass, and/or real gospel.  His newest one, released January 4th of this year, is called “My Kind Of Country.”  Remember this prodigy is only nineteen years old, and he has already performed on every well known stage in America.  He’s even taken his music to U.S. Presidents and to the Queen of England.  So, you’re wondering why haven’t I heard this guy?  You probably have, but you might not have known it.  He performs with his grandfather regularly, but he is also moving forward on his own as a classic country artist.  His latest CD “My Kind Of Country” is the works of a master.  Nathan knew what he was doing when he asked some of his friends to help out on the project.  Of course his grandfather is on it, but you can also hear Vince Gill, Patty Loveless, Marty Stuart, John Anderson, Gene Watson, Rhonda Vincent, Little Jimmy Dickens, Ricky Skaggs, Jeff & Sherri Easter, and many more.  It’s a long list.  Even Nashville critics are now proclaiming Nathan Stanley as a breath of fresh air to the music industry in Nashville.  If you haven’t heard Nathan Stanley, you will.”
     Everhart goes on to say, “Because of the high quality and excellence of Nathan Stanley’s CD, he has been selected by the Rural Roots Music Commission to receive their prestigious “Best Classic Country CD of the Year,” award.  In existence since 1980, this group of professional ‘country music’ artists and fans, spend many hours reviewing CD’s.  They don’t just wait for someone to send them a CD either, they go out and buy CD’s and then review them.  In the final analysis, their combined expertise and opinion usually finds the ‘jewels’ of newly released product.  Nathan will receive his award on August 29th, at the 36th Annual National Old-Time Country & Bluegrass Festival” in LeMars, Iowa.  The festival has been in existence since 1976, and may be the last hold-out for finding and presenting classic country and bluegrass music, or as the Stanley Brothers would describe it, ‘old-timey country.”  The festival lasts seven days, with over 600 performers on ten stages presenting old-timey acoustic country, bluegrass, folk, mountain, even Americana music, from 9am to midnight every day.  It starts on Aug. 29 and goes through Sept. 4.  Other celebrities expected to be present this year include Jim Ed Brown, Little Roy Lewis, Jeannie Seely, Helen Cornelius, Bonnie Guitar, Eddie Pennington, Terry Smith, and a host of other very deserving individuals.”
     “I find it interesting to see how Nashville itself sees Nathan Stanley,” Everhart added.  “Music News Nashville, said Nathan Stanley has held his own walking amongst the giants on ‘My Kind Of Country,’ not an easy task for a mere mortal, but it’s a walk in the park for Stanley.”  I couldn’t have said it better.
     More information about the award and festival is available at

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