Chris Stapleton – Higher

CD Review: Chris Stapleton – Higher

By Georgette Diab for Country Music News International Magazine

Chris Stapleton’s latest album, Higher, is a soul-stirring journey through the heart of Americana, blending his signature blend of country, blues, and rock with profound lyrical depth. Released in 2023, this album marks a significant evolution in Stapleton’s already distinguished career, showcasing both his exceptional vocal prowess and his songwriting prowess.

Track-by-Track Analysis:

  1. “Higher” – The titular track sets the tone with its gritty guitar riffs and Stapleton’s raw, emotive vocals. The lyrics reflect themes of resilience and hope, delivered with a powerful, soulful intensity.
  2. “Long Way Home” – A contemplative ballad that highlights Stapleton’s storytelling ability. The acoustic arrangement complements the introspective lyrics, creating a poignant listening experience.
  3. “Cold Cold Ground” – This track leans into blues influences, with a driving rhythm section and searing guitar solos. Stapleton’s vocals effortlessly convey a sense of longing and redemption.
  4. “Trouble in Mind” – A standout track that combines elements of blues and gospel. Stapleton’s vocal performance shines here, accompanied by uplifting harmonies and a rich, textured arrangement.
  5. “Worry B Gone” – This upbeat, infectious tune brings a dose of optimism to the album. The catchy chorus and lively instrumentation make it a potential crowd favorite.
  6. “Love and Whiskey” – A tender ballad that explores themes of love and regret. Stapleton’s delivery is soulful and emotive, drawing listeners into the emotional core of the song.
  7. “Gonna Be a Good Day” – An anthemic track with a feel-good vibe. The uplifting lyrics and energetic instrumentation make it a refreshing addition to the album.
  8. “Same Old Song” – This track channels classic country influences with a modern twist. Stapleton’s heartfelt delivery and the nostalgic lyrics resonate deeply.
  9. “Leaving Love Behind” – A poignant ballad that showcases Stapleton’s vocal range and emotive depth. The stripped-down arrangement allows the lyrics to take center stage.
  10. “One More for the Road” – Closing the album on a reflective note, this track features Stapleton’s evocative storytelling and a haunting melody that lingers long after the final chords fade.

Overall Impression:

Higher is a testament to Chris Stapleton’s musical versatility and artistic maturity. Each track on the album feels meticulously crafted, resonating with authenticity and emotional honesty. Stapleton’s voice remains the heart of the album, effortlessly conveying the highs and lows of human experience through his compelling storytelling. Whether he’s belting out a bluesy anthem or crooning a heartfelt ballad, Stapleton consistently delivers moments of musical brilliance that will captivate both longtime fans and newcomers alike.

With Higher, Chris Stapleton solidifies his place as one of contemporary music’s most compelling voices, offering an album that is both timeless and undeniably relevant in today’s musical landscape.

Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

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