Chris St John – I’m Dreaming

CD Review: Chris St John – I’m Dreaming

By Stanley Mwene for Country Music News International Magazine

  1. I need A horse
  2. I Called You Rose
  3. Your Baby Loves You
  4. Pacific Sunrise
  5. Dreams Are Free
  6. Two Tender Angel
  7. A Box For Jewels
  8. The Winds They Blow
  9. Looking At The Sky
  10. The Chance I Gve
  11. Peggy O’
  12. 13 The Guests Have Gone Home
  13. You Sang To Me
  14. Never Forget The Day
  15. I Had Send You My Heart


Little History of Chris St Johns

Chris St John was born on 25th September, 1965 in Brooklyn New York. He is an American singer and song writer. He started writing songs when he 7 years old and since then, he has been passionately following his interests in music.

At the age of 14 years, John acquired his first guitar and started composing songs and performing them at local events. It was then that he decided to pursue a career in music.

I Need A Horse was a song written by Chris when he went on a real cattle drive in Wyoming, in the saddle 10 to 12 hours a day, punching 650 cattle on a Big Horn Mountain for one week. He had purchased the third horse he rode. The name of the horse was Reagan.

I Called You Rose. It was a song about falling in love and breaking up with alcohol. It is an upbeat song for everyone who found it hard to stop drinking.

Your Baby Loves You. The song has a resonating scope of home span folk and acoustic streams.

Pacific Sunrise. The song was released in March 2021 by Chris John . It is a beautiful, master piece song belonging to I Am Dreaming Movie.

Dreams Are Free is an amazing song sung by Chris. It is a song which can be found on desk top and mobiles. It can be played over 265 Million tracks free on Sound Cloud.

Two Tender Angel. This is a slow, tender and very crisp song giving a heartfelt mood.

A Box For Jewels is a song which flows into a low slung, tune riding a sparkling, elegant piano and gently undulating rhythm.

Mellow harmonic rhythm, with beautiful coloration shows John’s cashmere voice showing the lyrics with flavors of quixotic nolstagia.At some point, the song drips with a heartfelt adoration and consuming passion of unconditional love.

The Wind They Blow. This is one of the beautiful songs sung by Chris. The beats of the song is so awesome and sweet.

Looking At The Sky is a spiritual song about loss, apparitions and premonitions. It is a song looking to God for peace.

The Chance I Gave is song that has an upbeat vibe, combined with personal lylics.The way the Banjo mixes with the acoustic guitar and the tune is truly amazing, as Chris pours his heart out with amazing spontaneous lyrics.

Peggy O’ is one of the composition of 13 original songs. The song has a musical score which connects two compositions. The song leaves listeners intently waiting for the next surprise.

The Guests Have is a beautiful song which talks about Christmas Day when families have gone holiday chrismas  It is an amazing song talking about feeling of love. The song goes on to talk about beautiful love in the chrismas holiday. The song has an amazing tune full of love and unity.

You Sung To Me is a song which starts as an ambulance siren making alarm. At the background, a sound is heard like breaking glasses and bottles! Then there is a beautiful guitar played . The tunes of the guitar are so amazing. The rhythm of the song is also beautiful. The song is a love song. The song talks about a person who sang to someone whom he did not know indicating clearly the two individuals had fallen in love.

I Had Send You My  Heart is a love song which talks about sending hugs to a loved one. It is an awesome song tuned by a guitar and a beautiful voice. It is a joyous song to listen to. It is an awesome song about love pouring a heart to someone whom you love so much. The love r is ready to pour his heart to her lover.

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