Chris Jones And The Night Drivers – Make Each Second Last

CD Review: Chris Jones And The Night Drivers – Make Each Second Last

by Antony Bailey for Country Music News International

  1. We Needed This Ride
  2. Whither You Roam
  3. Bed Of Snow
  4. Riding The Chief
  5. Leave It At The Gate
  6. Everybody’s Got A Line
  7. Quiet Click
  8. Silver City
  9. Groundhog’s Retreat
  10. We Need To Hear From You
  11. They’re Lost Too

The Bluegrass collective Chris Jones And The Night Drivers recorded and released an eleven track EP in October last year titled ‘Make Each Second Last’. The album is comprised of entirely original material and tugs on a plethora of emotions – with music firmly reminding its audience of what it means to be grateful and appreciative of the lives in which they have led.

The first song ‘We Needed This Ride’ reveals a message of self-discovery and capitalising on opportunities that present themselves at the unlikeliest of times. The lyrics are accompanied by a banjo, drums, guitar, and a soothing two-part harmony to complement the meaning behind the music. ‘’Make each second last’’ is not only the name of the album, but also a key lyric in the song to suggest that loved ones and memories must always be cherished.

‘Whither You Roam’ soon follows and continues to push the same narrative surrounding a sense of self-discovery in addition to the constant pursuit for a better life and stronger sense of belonging. ‘’The sun is up / your bags are packed’’ suggests a wrestles heart in search of peace and a sense of fulfilment.

‘Bed Of Snow’ adopts a more subtle approach from a dynamic perspective as the fiddle and vocals share the melody while there is a gentle two-part harmony to add extra tension what is already a moving piece of music. Other tracks such as ‘Everybody’s Got A Line’ sings about stereotypes and a false sense of security.

‘’I know I may seem like I’m resilient / Even though I’ve learned to pick my battles, I stand up when something’s truly wrong’’ offers a gentle reminder to its audience to always stand up for what is right, even if it may seem like appears to be the minority. The hidden message is about spreading cheer, wisdom, and becoming wiser with age.

‘Groundhog’s Retreat’ is an instrumental piece packed with emotion and needs no lyrics to emphasise the song’s significance. From the start to finish the song is typical of bluegrass that quite simply tantalises the audiences’ tastebuds from the first plucked string to the last.

‘We Need To Hear From You’ sings about keeping in touch with loved ones and cherishing those who care about one’s well-being and welfare. The lyrics touch on what it feels like to be longing for the return of a lover or loved one, especially over the festive period when families and friends gather to celebrate.

The album is well worth downloading and putting on repeat whenever a road trip is on the horizon. Their EP can be located via Spotify, YouTube, and Soundcloud to name a few and be sure to follow their social media pages for future updates and live releases.

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