CD: WEST ‘N’ ROSE – Life’s Highway


Life’s Highway


Life’s Highway – He Saved Me – You Won’t Be
The Same – Take Time – Thank you Lord – Walking With the Lord – Living
Your Life In Jesus’ Name – He’s The Rock – He’ll Never, Never Leave You –
God My Maker Gives Songs in the Night – Heading for Tamworth
This amazing Australian songwriter, Rose Alexander, is also
a distinguished and very pretty vocalist.  Her voice is very young
sounding.  She is joined on this project by mandolinist and harmony
singer Liz West.  Together these lovely females put together an amazing
assortment of typical country players to make this recording.  Allison
How on piano and harmonies; Miriam Sadler on flute; John Sophios on lead
guitar, acoustic guitar, harmonies, mandolin, and keyboard; and Doolie
Zantis on keyboard.   I would have liked to hear the lead vocals a
little further above the instrument mix, but it’s just fine as is.  Rose
Alexander has a great fan in a Newfoundlander, Michael T Wall, who
spends a lot of time in Australia these days.  He has even nominated for
Rose to be inducted into America’s Old Time Country Music Hall of Fame,
and I believe that can be accomplished if Rose can find her way to the
ceremonies to make it happen.  This CD by Rose and Liz has a lot of
appreciative Jesus songs, as well as a few written from experiences,
most notably “Heading for Tamworth” which is the largest country music
gathering in Australia.  Recorded at the Axcess Studios in Brisbane, I’d
have to give this one four great big beautiful golden stars.  Submitted
by Michael T Wall, P O Box 715 Stn Main, Pickering, ON L1V 3T3
Review by Bob Everhart, Pres. NTCMA
for Country Music News International

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