CD: WALLY SANDERSON – Lyrics of the Bush

Lyrics of the Bush
The Floods of Fifty Six – My Dad Was A
Bullcocky – Roy ‘Willie’ – Winter Winds – Outback In The Outback – Walk A
Country Mile – Life At Currimundi – The Bushman’s Song – A Great
Achiever – Camooweal – Outback Spirit – Where Country Is – Back To The
Saltbush Plains
It’s always a pleasure for me to listen to the great
Australian country singers and songwriters.  Mostly because they are
still so very ‘real’ with country music.  Wally Sanderson is no
exception.  First three songs on this fine CD are composed by Wally. I
like the first one because it was in ‘fifty six’ that he was ‘courting’
his bride to be, and it all turned out just fine even though one of the
worst floods to ever occur in that area took place that same year.  It’s
the same with all of his self-composed songs. They are great ‘story’
experiences, the very ingredient that is now so lacking in America’s
so-called country music.  The ‘story’ is gone, the spirit is gone, the
very soul of the old music is gone.  Some say ‘real’ country music will
return to replace the disgusting music that has stolen the name away,
but I wouldn’t hold my breath.  In the meantime, way down under there
are still some magnificent composers, singers, and recording artists
that carry on this wonderful tradition of ‘story telling songs.’  Wally
Sanderson is one of those very successful artists.  Wally is also not
afraid to ‘record’ other songwriters songs.  Among the good ones are
Shorty Ranger, Joy McKean, S. Coaster, D. Kirkpatrick, S. Dusty, A.
Cormack, Barry Neale Moyses, and S. Coster among the many great writers
that contributed to this recording experience.  For the songs that Wally
wrote, he introduces each number to tell us what and who it’s about and
why he wrote it.  Can you see that happening in ‘country’ music in
America these days?  Not likely, but here it is from one of Australia’s
great artists, Wally Sanderson.  The musicians he uses to accomplish
this nice project is Paul Denman on electric and acoustic guitar (along
with vocal harmonies); Keith on lead and rhythm guitar.  The cover photo
shows Wally in front of a huge log moving piece of equipment, and it’s
huge.  So is Australia, big enough to keep country music country, and
that’s exactly what Wally Sanderson does.
for Country Music News International 

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