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I’m Just Me


I’m Just Me – She Let’s Me Run – Wish I’d
Thought of that Before – Trouble In Mind – Can’t Get A Hold On Letting
Go – Freeborn Man – I’m Not Ready – Do Something – Better Left A Memory –
Mama’s Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys
This is one stunning CD from Nashville recording artist
(formerly from Omaha, Nebraska) Tommy Buller.  Quite frankly, this is
the best CD this young man has ever recorded as far as I’m concerned. 
There’s two incredibly well done songs on this CD.  The first one
reveals the true country voice and guitar pickin’ of Tommy Buller.  He
certainly has paid his dues down in Nashville, he’s been there quite a
few years now, and this delightful CD is acoustic in nature, just the
way I like ‘real’ country music.  The second remarkable song on this CD
is Tommy’s 8-year old son, Brad, who sings “Mama’s Don’t Let Your Babies
Grow Up To Be Cowboys.”  I was so impressed with this little boy’s
rendition of the very famous Ed Bruce song, I sent a copy off to Ed
right away.  This is the ‘real’ voice that gives the song incredible
authenticity.  It’s hard to tell at this early stage where exactly
this little boy is going to go with his wonderful singing voice, but
Tommy is already in that serious ‘please let me be real country’
category, and that is revealed to all of us listeners as we recognize
the many different gifted voices, songwriters, instrumentalists that
have preceded us in Tommy’s voice.  Tommy has also taken the opportunity
to reveal to us his own songwriting abilities.  No less than five songs
on this CD are written by him.  He’s not afraid to talk about ‘love’
and how it affects him, and us, and it isn’t all a pick-up truck to him,
which seems to be the end parallel in top-40 popular music, which
certainly can’t be classified as ‘country.’  I really like the addition
of Mike Sole’s fiddle on “Trouble in Mind,” which seems to make the song
stand right out, along with matching guitar leads, both electric and
acoustic.  Super good country. Country blues it is, and I can’t think of
anyone right now that can authentically do it as well as Tommy Buller. 
His originals are love songs, even though they are full of blues, and
his ability to run the gamut is proven without a doubt when he fires
into “Freeborn Man.”  I was a very close friend of Jimmy Martin, and I
love this rendition of one of my heroes.  Five stars Tommy, the Rural
Roots Music Commission will see and hear this just like I do.  Make
plans to be with us October 3-4-5, in Fremont, Nebraska
Tommy Buller – guitarboybuller@ yahoo.com  402-669-3903
Review by Bob Everhart, NTCMA www.ntcma.net
for Country Music News International Magazine

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