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CD: Stephanie Grace – Life’s Okay

Young to be Lonely 2:57 Life’s Okay 3:56 How’s That Working for
Ya 3:29
a Minute 3:37 Who Do You Think About 3:29 Loser 4:26
about a pain in the ass. I was attempting to fix a PDF file. Then,
accidentally saved the file after I messed it up, tried for almost
two days to fix it, and after all that realized I had the correct
file in my email. This may seem like no big deal to you, but if you
think about it I just wasted 1,260 minutes of my life. Up until this
week I wouldn’t have even realized that except my daughter keeps
asking everyone if they know how many minutes are in a year. Just in
case you don’t know the answer it’s 525,600 minutes. And if you
want to attempt to argue about it (with leap year or anything), YOU
ARE WRONG!!! Because her first grade teacher told her. Now, I can
only hope that Stephanie Grace can comfort me by explaining how that
incredible waste of my life was okay.
is pretty entertaining is the fact that you can add a few words to
the titles, put them into dialogue, and they almost could be used to
teach one of those ESL (English Second Language) conversations that I
had to write and practice with students while I was in Taiwan. Maybe
I’ll make this one for a college class. For Example:
I’m lonely.
Oh. You’re

Too Young to be Lonely
Long time, no see. How’s life been treating you?
I’m married now and have a daughter.
Oh yeah
That Working for Ya
It’s good. Actually, since I last saw you life couldn’t be
Wait a
Don’t you miss me?
No way in hell. I’m sooo glad I got rid of you.
I don’t believe you. If you don’t think about us and our
Do You Think About?
Cooking up my pet rabbit on my stove does not constitute a
relationship. Could you please go away? You really bother me.
Fine. One day you’ll wish you weren’t so mean to me.
I seriously doubt that. Goodbye.
really was given key phrases and had to make things like that up for
classes I taught. I’m sure you could care less so let me get back
to the review. I like the introduction to
Young to be Lonely.

She really has a beautiful voice. I really like the guitar jam, it
also has that digital sound or that sound that would only be added by
a very professional recording studio. Lyrically, I’d probably have
to check out her age, her look, to see if this was fitting, if she
wrote it, or if it was one of those manufactured songs.
I checked. I just couldn’t help myself. She really is young, and it
seems as though she focuses on songwriting. So far, I’m pretty
impressed. There are only six songs on this album and it says she
wrote five of them. Maybe I just played Russian Roulette and lost or
maybe that was one of the five. Okay, I’ll be a little more serious
about this.
next. For some reason, I just can’t put the picture of her to the
voice. It just is unbelievable. With this song being the title track
I’d have to believe this is one of the songs that she wrote,
although lyrically I’d have to say it’s far beyond her years.
What really makes this song is the upbeat attitude mixed with the
range of vocals and the positive message.
next title I like so I may have to warn you of my bias.
That Working for Ya

is a great title because I just made the exact same comment to an
old friend of mine last week without even thinking. He told me he’d
been married for eight years and has a kid. My stupid response was,
“How’s that working for ya?”
He looked at me with a
puzzled look on his face and said, “Well, you would know.”
The song itself begins a
lot different than the others. It sounds like someone finger picking
a banjo. It gets into a fiddle solo but it’s not what you’d
expect from either. It’s not bluegrass it sounds more like a foot
stomping southern rock. So far this is the odd one out, so it’s
possible I just located the song that wasn’t written by her.
Although, I like this song because it gets your head bobbing and
keeps it moving long after the song is over.
Wait a Minute.
No, it’s getting late. Oh that’s the name of the song. Sorry, I’m
so tired. Just like some people talk to themselves when they’re
delirious, I find myself writing to myself. Okay getting back to my
headphones. This song has an eerie fog ridden swamp feel to it. that
Louisiana bayou gator filled feel.
Who Do You Think About,
less like the other lyrics or message. It’s a beautiful song but
the rest of the album has much more of an upbeat message whereas this
seems more like another sad country song.
And the last song is the
Now, this sounds more like the upbeat sound and message that the rest
of the album sends. I really like the acoustic guitar on this. This
one also shows her age, which is appropriate.
My best guess is that the
one song she didn’t write was
Do You Think About
I’m not sure but now I am going to check. I’ll be right back with
the answer. Well I checked her lyrics page and I believe I’m
right(I should ask my daughter’s first grade teacher just to be
Seriously, I never expected
this, and never in a million years would I have thought I’d be
writing a review for someone this young and talented. Like I was
trying to tell you before, take another sad country song turn it
upside down and inside out, add a beautiful voice, an incredible
dream, an upbeat attitude, a smidgen of youth, a positive message,
and then you have Stephanie Grace.
Thank you Stephanie for comforting me and explaining how those 1,260
minutes I wasted were okay. You made each and every one of them
Frost for Country Music News International

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