CD: SANDY MILLER – When My Time Comes


When My Time Comes
Walkin’The Dog – Have I Got A Deal For You – I’ll
Come Running To You – I Don’t Want My Heart A Breakin’ – When My Time
Comes – All Night
Affair – Way Back In June – I Never Go Around Mirrors –
Yes Ma’ Me – Then And Only Then – Rocky Top – Long Hard Ride – Walkin’
Talkin’ Cryin’ – Lonely Hearts Club

This is the second CD I’ve reviewed on Sandy
Miller.  This talented vocalist lives out in western Nebraska somewhere,
but she is country through and through.  When you hear her sing, you
automatically hear the ‘determination’ she has to make sure it’s going
to be a good one.  She picked a list of songs that are truly classic
country, and she didn’t side step using the best musical instruments in
making this recording.  I recognized the fiddle of Jay Kelly just as
soon as it popped out to me on the second song “Have I Got A Deal For
You.”  Another good shot hearing Jay is on the classic traditional song
“Rocky Top.”  Jay and the steel guitar player, Blaine Garrelts, swap
licks quite frequently, and it sounds just right to me.  Sandy has a
sort of ‘leadership’ quality about her sessions, she knows what she
wants and that’s what she gets.  Mike Baxter is on rhythm guitar, Billy
Baxter on lead, Mike Kuszak on drums, and Dan Kane on bass make up the
complete studio session, and they are having a wonderful time. There’s
also a keyboard occasionally, but Sandy doesn’t tell us who’s on the
piano.  The selection of tunes puts her right in the middle of ‘classic
country’ lots of Connie Smith, Leona Williams, Reba, and Billie Jo
Spear.  Sandy contributes four great songs to the project, and they hold
their own right next to the big girls.  “When My Time Comes” is by and
far the best of Sandy’s originals.  It’s so truthful, sentimental, sad,
just the opposite of what we hear today called country music.  Some
really nice acoustic guitar on “Long Hard Ride.”  AND Sandy’s voice is
just right for this kind of cowboy and western music.  All in all this
is a super listening experience, especially if you like country music
the way it was before money interests changed it so entirely abandoning
the multitude of fans who really do like their country….country! Thank
you Sandy for another very nice listening experience.  I will dutifully
pass this CD along to the Rural Roots Music Commission and see what
they think.
for Country Music News International Magazine

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