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CD: SAMANTHA COOK – Harvesting Happy Endings


Harvesting Happy Endings
Torn – Dying Bones – Winter Wind – Lily – Further Faster – The End – Dirty Window – Song Of Solitude – Next To You – Here We Are
Samantha Cook is probably best know in upper Midwest
circles as the daughter of super guitar picker and singer, Tiny Cook. 
Tiny was on the Ozark Jubilee and was without a doubt one of the best
country performers we had in our part of the USA.  He’s gone now, but
his daughter Sammy is carrying on.  This however is not a ‘country’ CD. 
It’s not really a ‘folk’ album either, though there is some
exceptionally good drum sounds.  I’m kind of over the hill when it comes
to describing this part of the music, but I’m going to assume this is a
djembe?  The bass, and sometimes the rhythm guitar, is a little too
loud in the mix for me to hear all the words properly, but what I do
understand is incredibly good.  Not sure where this was recorded, it’s a
Magick K Production, and Matt Rouch and Kiley Bodenhamer are named as
co-conspirators in the recording and mixing. Rhythm guitar is super but
pretty loud in the final mix, lots of neat chords I’ve never heard
before make up for that.  The bottom line is Sammy Cook.  Her voice is
somewhat different than I remember it when she was performing at the
Walnut Opera House a few years ago, and her songs are now very
temperamental, sincere, and personal. However there is another very
interesting facet to this work.  Tommy “K” Kriegshauser also contributes
some very interesting original songs.  He’s also an outstanding
vocalist.  In total, Samantha wrote five and Tommy wrote five with a
little help on “Dirty Window’ from Kevin Hiddleston.  This is one of the
most interesting songs of the set, with some neat harmony and harmonics
interwoven between the guitar licks.  Yes I like this one., however I
don’t have a descriptive ‘box’ I can put this delightful album in.  If I
take it to the Rural Roots Music Commission they might, I think maybe
they might, label it ‘contemporary acoustic folk.’ A totally new
experience for me, and I enjoyed it.  I keep hearing a little Michael
Nesmith, especially in some of the openings.  I don’t know, have any
idea who Michael Nesmith is?  Keep up the good work young folks, music
is the salve of humanity, no matter what part of it you are inhabiting.
Bob Everhart, www.ntcma.net

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