Riverina Girl
Riverina Girl – Here I Am – Murrumbridgee
Dreaming – Lord, It’s So Good -I’ve Been Set Free – Grandma’s Love –
Desert Song – The Answer To My Prayer – Across The Border – Then The
Waters Came – Jesus Came And Touched Me – Here’s My Life
I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing the
musical works of Rose Alexander before.  She’s quite an amazing woman. 
All of the music she writes is incredibly pleasant to listen too.  Much
of what she writes is also very gospel oriented, but from a different
kind of approach.  She has a lovely and beautiful voice to listen to,
and her road in music has been interesting to say the least.  She has a
very sensitive heart devoted to abused and discriminated women of the
world. She writes about this, but she doesn’t have a dominating ‘will,’
she simply has a wonderful talent of writing words in songs that are
incredibly meaningful, and she has a lovely voice to authenticate that. A
great deal of her work deals with Project Hannah, a ministry of Trans
World Radio which reaches the very women Rose sings about.  She is also
very dedicated and busy with bringing Jesus to prisoners while they are
‘inside’ and when they are ‘out’ encouraging them to be transformed from
the inside out.  Prisoners are people according to Rose, and these
people have moved away from God, or in some cases never been near Him. 
“With an increase in prison numbers, it is easy for us to dehumanize
prisoners. The importance of recognizing that prisoners are people –
fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, husbands, wives – people who are
separated from their families or never had a family.  They are people
who have made wrong choices – which any of us could make – and are
punished according to the law, through a system of retributive
justice.”  You can hear this ‘reaching hand’ throughout Rose’s writing,
and it is enhanced when she sings the words she writes. I’m sure her
life is full of unexpected curves and turns, but she stays true to the
Gospel of Jesus Christ, and in doing that she makes ‘new’ people from
the ‘old’ and at the same time brings many souls to the feet of Jesus. 
Rose makes her home in Queensland, Australia, and she has never wavered
in reaching out to those in need, sometimes in strange circumstances.  I
like her musical backing, a delightful mix of good musicians.  I
especially like the Australian sounding accordion when it appears. She
describes herself as a Country Gospel and Bush Ballad
singer/songwriter.  Enough said, she’s a woman of the earth.  Off this
CD goes to the Rural Roots Music Commission.  I hope they hear what I
hear when I listen to this marvelous woman.

for Country Music News International

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