CD: ROD BRANDT – No Partikla Theme


No Partikla Theme
Crows Upon The Roof – Drunk and Disorderly –
Ladies of the Road – Back Home to Hawaii – I Don’t Think She Loves Me
Anymore – The Bushranger – She Comes Home With Me – Night Train to
Brisbane – Goodbye Ford – Up & At’em Son – The Smell of an Oil Rag –
Barney’s Honky Tonk – The Race That Stops the Nation
Rod Brandt is from Queensland, Australia, and he’s going to
be a featured attraction at the 41st National Old Time
Country/Bluegrass/Folk/& Gospel Music festival in LeMars, Iowa, Aug
29-Sept 4, 2016.  Mr. Brandt is a thoroughly rough and ready old-time
traditional country singer.  He’s a fine songwriter for sure, and writes
about Australian life in the ‘country.’  He borrows heavily from
American tunes, “They’re gonna put me in the movies” is a strong
contender from some of Rod’s musical melodies, but still he does it with
justice and certainly some humor and good feelings.  Rod has done a
number of great CD’s, it’s hard to pick just one out of the many, but
he’s more of a songwriter than usual, so it’s kind of fun to hear what
he’s saying, with a wit and humor’ on many of his award winning
compositions.  His recorded music is played all over Australia, but the
largest air play is around his own town of Margate.  He recorded this
project at the Dragon Fire Studio in Margate, playing steel, lead, bass
and rhythm guitar, and since I review on the quality of songwriting and
vocalizing as opposed to over-produced sessions we hear so much from
Nashville these days, it’s still a pleasant experience to hear someone
doing it from scratch, and Rod Brandt does that incredibly well. The
sound is somewhat distorted at times, but I was still able to make a
decent listen. I kind of like “Crows Upon the Roof” a song about the
sounds of crows landing with a gigantic thud on a low profile roof and
then proceeding to run up and down the roof cawing out.  Rod’s best
ability is song writing, “Goodbye Ford” is particularly interesting,
it’s about the demise of the manufacturing of Ford cars in Australia,
which to him is a big shame since Ford has been such a big part of their
automobile history.  Same thing happens to us here in America, where
our ‘own’ are forgotten for cheaper labor elsewhere.  So it goes, and
good songwriting material no matter how you look at it, or in this case
listen to it.  Rod will be at the LeMars Old Time Music Festival all
week, a good time to hear an authentic Aussie do his music as they like
it old-time country in Australia.
for Country Music News International Magazine

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