CD: Richard Lynch – The Last of a Dying Breed

Richard Lynch
The Last of a Dying Breed
Last of a Dying Breed 3:36 2.) We Drink a lot Alike 3:38
Beyond the Golden Years 3:51 4.) Boys Making Noise 3:09
The More I Like My Dog 3:34 6.) Walk On By 3:02 7.) You’re Not What I Need 2:59
Too Many Horses 3:19 9.) I Ain’t Missing Nothing Here 3:16
I Stood There and Lied 4:03
            What a great beautiful day down here
in Florida. The rains come in bursts all afternoon, about 80 degrees and the
winds a blowin’. I don’t believe I could’ve asked for better weather to sit out
on the back porch and write this. Last of
a Dying Breed
starts playing. It’s a mellow patriotic song about an older guy
who’s done his time in the military and lived his old glory days but morphs
into an older couples song. They’ve both lived through the chaos and disorder
of life but have stuck it out through thick and thin.  Richard Lynch has a melodic tone that seems
to wander through the leaves of the old oak tree in my backyard. It’s not a
changing wind just constant and steady.
            Now, I know I’m going to like the
second song on the album just by the title. We
Drink a
lot Alike, is a blue collar anthem that picks up the pace, has a
keyboard and explains the common denominator between cultures. The
singer/songwriter, the factory worker and the executive may live in different
daytime worlds but when the neon’s come on, they are somewhat the same. Beyond the Golden Years celebrates fifty
years of marriage between two. Its message is that the strength of marriage
vows should reflect your honor because they are your promise to be kept
throughout your lifetime.
So far, I’ve found that Richard Lynch puts a lot of thought
into the songs and the messages he wants to portray. I want to keep writing
this review without finding anything about him except what each song conveys.
So far he’s hitting a honky tonk home run.
Boys Making

is next.  It begins with a homesteading
wagon-train sound. It is somewhat of an explanation to his girl about what
happens when he is out and about, or any country man for that matter. This song
is somewhat of a ballad, or love song proclaiming his faithfulness.  The message in this one is a country boy
loves his freedom yet at the same time never strays. The More I Like My Dog, now with a title like that how could I pass
this one up? I can see the lightning coming and the thunder is beginning to
roar but I have a few minutes left out here. This song I just can’t give the
message away, but anyone who listens will feel the same way. Walk on By is a great tune about some
girl he sees. He’s married and they shouldn’t meet. The song has a must faster
pace, almost driven by the keyboard.
You’re not
What I Need,
reveals a motto a man should live by. If you can’t accept
me for me, than you are not what I need. Too
Many Horses
at the simple level seems a song about a horse race, when it’s
actually a message about life lessons.
You know, art/music/writing all seem to develop through
life’s lessons and the ability to wear those lessons in a manner that others
can take ownership of themselves. Richard Lynch has seemed to bare his soul,
while having that medal pinned to his lapel or that patch sewn upon his sleeve.
Without any outside information on him besides these songs from this album I
can only hope that my realization of him is based upon the heartfelt roads of
life he has traveled and he truly is the last of a dying breed.
Jeremy Frost for Country Music News International

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