CD Reviews March 2011 part1

CD Review March 2011

by Christian Lamitschka for Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show

Scott Kokoff – A Better Life
Hypochondriac Records
1. I Know Your Story (4:21)
2. Friend In Need (4:38)
3. A Better Life (3:34)
4. Sparrows (5:07)
5. Tomorrow’s Coming (4:09)
6. Glimpse Of Your Face (5:40)
7. Acid Rain (3:35)
8. There’s A Woman (4:58)
9. Teresa Jane (4:33)
10. Holy Fire (4:09)
11. Autumn Sky (4:18)
12. You And Me (3:15)
13. Do You Wanna Play (4:30)
Scott Kokoff from Queens, New York, falls under the guild the singer and songwriter. “A Better Life” he spreads the whole range of music before a. Rock, Country, Blues and Pop influences in the individual Songs again. It is difficult for the many good Songs a auszusuchen better than the other, therefore, it also waived.
Christian Lamitschka ( )


Gretchen Peters – Circus Girl „The Best of Gretchen Peters“
Scarlet Letter Records
1. Circus Girl
2. Aviator’s Song, The
3. Sunday Morning
4. Secret Of Life, The
5. If Heaven
6. On A Bus To St Cloud
7. In A Perfect World
8. This Town
9. Picasso And Me
10. When You Are Old
11. Independence Day
12. Tomorrow Morning
13. Way You Move Me, The
14. Don’t You Know
Grammy and numerous Hits for the great Country Music written. It can be Gretchen Peters in a sentence describe. Your current Album “Circus Girl” is a mixture of Country and Folk. For all the Fans in Germany is now possible for a Tour in March toGermany.
Christian Lamitschka ( )
Rob Hudec – Dandelion
Own Distribution
1. Back home (4:50)
2. You can’t stop the world from turning (feat. Jesse Zubot) (3:40)
3. What you gonna do? (3:56)
4. Dandelion (2:21)
5. Oh honey won’t you please come home (5:11)
6. Tip toe’n (3:42)
7. My heart will always beat for you (5:03)
8. Your place in life is home (3:08)
9. Slovak style (feat. Ezra Azmon) (3:49)
10. Shine your light (3:48)
Rob Hudec is actually in the area Blues race. But, as well known, can be found in the Country Music and many Blues again. The Album confidently presented Rob Hudec, who is one of 10 children. His parents were very industrious. They grew up in Leader, Saskatchewan and found its way to early music. The Album “Dandelion” now offers for almost everybody. influences from Country “Back Home,” Blues “; You can’t Stop The World From Turning”; “Gospel Shine Your Light” and “What You Gonna Do?” Reaggy found on the CD. Who not only on Country Music is fixed, the CD a refreshing change experience.
Christian Lamitschka ( )
Darius Rucker – Charleston, SC 1966
Capitol Reocords Nashville
509996 26939 2 9
1. This (3:38)
2. Come Back Song (3:55)
3. Might Get Lucky (3:45)
4. Whiskey And You (4:14)
5. Southern State Of Mind (3:36)
6. Love Will Do That (3:24)
7. The Craziest Thing (3:15)
8. Things I’d Never Do (3:48)
9. We All Fall Down (3:35)
10. I Don’t Care (Featuring Brad Paisley) (4:01)
11. She’s Beautiful (4:05)
12. I Got Nothin’ (3:24)
13. In A Big Way (3:51)
2007 Contract with plates signed Darius Rucker Capitol Records Nashville. Out came the Album “Learn To Live,” which three No. 1 Singles proposed. Now is his new Album “Charleston, SC 1966″ on the market. It has everything Country Fans want. New and old elements in the song was mixed and particularly wonderful Song is the duet with Brad Paisley “I Thu’t Care”, where the whole of Darius Rucker can reveal.
Christian Lamitschka ( )
Trace Adkins – The Definitive Greatest Hits Til The Last Shot’s Fired
Hump Head Records
CD 1
2. Rough & Ready (3:08)
3. (This Ain’t) No Thinkin’ Thing (4:01)
4. Chrome (3:21)
5. Marry For Money (3:03)
6. Then They Do (4:30)
7. Swing (3:37)
8. I Left Something Turned On At Home (3:07)
9. I’m Tryin’ (3:41)
10. All I Ask For Anymore (3:57)
11. Big Time (3:49)
12. There’s A Girl In Texas (3:31)
13. Hot Mama (3:19)
14. Arlington (4:09)
CD 2:
1. Ladies Love Country Boys (3:42)
2. Lonely Won’t Leave Me Alone (3:06)
3. You’re Gonna Miss This (3:44)
4. Muddy Water (3:54)
5. Til The Last Shot’s Fired (5:00)
6. Songs About Me (3:22)
7. I Wanna Feel Something (3:48)
8. The Rest Of Mine (3:13)
9. I Got My Game On (3:10)
10. Every Light In The House (3:00)
11. Don’t Lie (4:03)
12. More (3:05)
13. Help Me Understand (3:50)
14. Dangerous Man (3:19)
Trace Adkins has already spent many years in the Country Music scene. What comes closer than a greatest Hits Album with its 28 published. The Greatest albums as the Fans always referred, not all CD by an artist, is also the case.
Christian Lamitschka ( )
Toby Keith – Bullets In The Gun
HumpHead / ShowDog
1. Bullets In The Gun (4:16)
2. Somewhere Else (3:06)
3. Trailerhood (2:53)
4. In A Couple Of Days (3:46)
5. Think About You All Of The Time (3:44)
6. Kissin’ In The Rain (3:55)
7. Drive It On Home (3:22)
8. Ain’t Breakin’ Nothin’ (3:58)
9. Is That All You Got (3:35)
10. Get Out Of My Car (3:30)
11. 11 Months And 29 Days (4:44)
12. I’ve Been A Long Time Leaving (But I’ll Be A Long Time Gone) (6:08)
13. Chug-A-Lug (2:59) 14. Sundown (4:34)
Toby Keith is one of the artists in Nashville, the early realized that pays its own record company. So it came to life that he called on the Label Show Dog now his new Album “Bullets” was published. In The Gun. The Album, which in themselves and total 14 Songs is among the best what Toby Keith published many years. The Album contains many good Songs. The stuff to No. 1 Hit, Toby Keith, the Songwriter, singer and producer all in one Person. In the past he has shown that he is a guarantor of major Hits and the reasonis, it all started with the Song “Should’ve Been A Cowboy”, which he in 1993 published. In the meantime many other Songs followed to the top of the Charts. Now we must look forward to seeing how many Songs from the Album again is among the Top Ten.
Christian Lamitschka ( )
Tom T Hall – 50 Greatest Hits
Hump Head Records
CD 1:
1. I Washed My Face In The Morning Dew 2. Ain’t Got The Time 3. The World The Way I Want It 4. Ballad Of Forty Dollars 5. Cloudy Day 6. Homecoming 7. Strawberry Farms 8. Shoeshine Man 9. A Week In A County Jail 10. I Miss A Lot Of Trains 11. Day Drinkin’ 12. Salute To A Switchblade 13. Chattanooga Dog 14. Ode To A Half A Pound Of Ground Round 15. One Hundred Children 16. Old Enough To Want To (Fool Enough To Try) 17. I Can’t Dance 18. The Year That Clayton Delaney Died 19. Tulsa Telephone Book 20. It Sure Can Get Cold In Des Moines 21. Second Handed Flowers 22. Me And Jesus 23. The Monkey That Became President 24. Old Dogs, Children and Watermelon Wine 25. More About John Henry
CD 2:
1. Ravishing Ruby 2. Spokane Motel Blues 3. Candy In The Window 4. Don’t Forget The Coffee Billy Joe 5. Watergate Blues 6. I Love 7. Country Is 8. That Song Is Driving Me Crazy 9. Sneaky Snake 10. I Care 11. Deal 12. I Like Beer 13. Faster Horses (The Cowboy and The Poet) 14. Negatory Romance 15. Fox On The Run 16. It’s All In The Game 17. Your Man Loves You, Honey 18. A Bar With No Beer 19. Hello, We’re Lonely (with Patti Page) 20. The Last Of The Drifters (with Johnny Cash) 21. Shoes And Dress That Alice Wore 22. Redneck Riviera 23. Ships Go Out 24. Bill Monroe For Breakfast 25. The Way I’ve Always Been
Tom T Hall is also the story teller from Nashville. 50 Chart Singles, 35 albums and much more. He stayed in his career. Since not all 35 albums in the cupboard is the Greatest Hits Album “50” a very good addition.
Christian Lamitschka ( )

Ella Mae Morse – Rocks

Baer Family Records
BCD 16672 AR
1. Money Honey 2. Have Mercy Baby 3. Rock Me All Night Long 4. Daddy Daddy 5. The House Of Blue Lights 6. 5-10-15 Hours 7. It’s Raining Tears From My Eyes 8. How Can You Leave A Man Like This 9. Lovey Dovey 10. Get Off It And Go 11. Okie Boogie 12. False Hearted Girl 13. Greyhound 14. Jump Back Honey 15. A Little Further Down The Road A Piece 16. Bouncin’ Ball 17. Big Mamou 18. Forty Cups Of Coffee 19. Give A Little Time To Your Lover 20. The Blacksmith Blues 21. Won’t You Listen To Me Baby 22. Okie Boogie 23. Smack Dab In The Middle 24. Yes, Yes I Do 25. Razzle Dazzle 26. Ain’t That A Shame 27. Piddily Patter Patter 28. Seventeen 29. When Boy Kiss Girl (It’s Love) 30. Give Me Love 31. Rockin’ And Rollin’ 32. Rock And Roll Wedding 33. Cow-Cow Boogie 34. Mr. Anthony’s Blues
(1-CD DigiPac 52-page Booklet, 34 song titles. Length: 84:33). — ”But what Songs do fit actually I was asked, ”Ella Mae Morse; once their sponsor, the composer, singer and Label Boss Johnny Mercer. After he said that a certain song may not be suitable for you. He is not the only one who had tried to insert, singer in a stylistic drawer. Ella: ‘Cliffie Stone called me a Country-singer, Benny Carter gave me a Jazz singer and T-Bone Walker was sure I was a Rock ‘n’ Roll and Black Blues singer.’ They were all right. Their versatility was the big plus from Ella Mae Morse, but also their biggest Problem. Morse was in the Swing era as an artist grown-up, and their own taste tended more to Blues, Swing Jazz and dreamy Ballads. But apart from its 1942er Jive-Blues-Novelty Hit Cow Cow Boogie (the big breakthrough came). Curiously always remembered less for their early attempts in the styles than to their R&B, Rock ‘n’ Roll and Hillbilly-Boogie-title from the 1950s. –
This compilation gathered many of its rock & roll and intense swinging recordings, the Music Historian Bill Millar chose them. It presents the whole range of Cow Cow Boogie, to Star made up to Cover versions earlier R&B and Rock ‘n’ Roll titles such as Money Honey, Have Mercy Baby and Ain’t That A Shame. The crucial link between these different directions was the classic, always marschierende Piano and vocal feats from the early postwar period as The House Of Blue Lights and A Little Further Down The Road A Piece – many of them with Freddie Slack, the great Boogie-Woogie-Stilisten, with the Morse celebrated their greatest successes.
Christian Lamitschka ( )

Billy Riley – The Mojo Albums, Plus

Baer Family Records
BCD 16529 AH
1. Good Rockin’ Tonight 2. Great Balls Of Fire 3. Be Bop A Lula 4. Go Go Go 5. Rock And Roll Music 6. Shake, Rattle And Roll 7. Mean Woman Blues 8. I’m In Love Again 9. You’re My Baby 10. Sweet Little Sixteen 11. Twist And Shout 12. Poor Side Of Town 13. In The Midnight Hour 14. Michael 15. Speed Lovers 16. Chuck Berry Medley 17. Long Time Man 18. Susie Q 19. Nowhere Man 20. Barefootin’ 21. I Washed My Hands In Muddy Waters 22. Southern Soul (That Soul Song ) 23. Barefootin’ (f/s undubbed alternative) 24. Barefootin’ (undubbed alternative) 25. Long Time Man (undubbed alternative) 26. Medley: Twist And Shout / Annie Had A Baby 27. Chuck Berry Medley 28. Fast Livin’ (as Skip Wiley) 29. Hill Country Music (as Skip Wiley)
(1-CD DigiPac, 4-page mit 32-sided Booklet, 29 song titles. Spieldauer: 87:59). — Die beiden seltenen und gesuchten Mojo-Alben sind zum ersten Mal seit 30 Jahren wieder erhältlich. Auf ‘Vintage’, dem Rock ‘n’ Roll-Album, ist die Rockabilly-Legende Larry Donn dabei, dessen rockendes Piano Riley unterstützt, wie der sich in 30 Minuten durch zehn Rock ‘n’ Roll-Klassiker powert. Riesig!!! ‘Southern Soul At The Brave-Falcon’ präsentiert 12 weitere hypnotische Songs, die bluesig, shuffelnd und rockend unter die Haut gehen. Man riecht förmlich die Magnolien des Südens…. Mit dabei auch die seltene Mojo-Single unter dem Pseudonym Skip Wiley sowie einige unveröffentlichte Tracks, darunter eine längere Fassung von seinem Chuck Berry Medley. — Der verstorbene Billy Lee Riley war einer der gigantischsten, aber ewig unterschätzten Rock ‘n’ Roll-Pioniere. Er sah besser aus als Carl Perkins, sein vielfältiges Können als Instrumentalist hat Elvis’ übertroffen, sein Selbstvertrauen war noch größer als das eines Jerry Lee Lewis. Und er war für Sun Records wichtiger als andere. Rileys Musiker, wurden als Sessionplayer vereinnahmt und haben den Rock ‘n’ Roll, weitaus mehr als populäre Bands beeinflußt. – Wie viele seiner bekannter gewordenen Kollegen machte auch Riley nach seiner Sun-Zeit weiter. Diese CD mit 29 Titeln enthält zwei unterschiedliche, aber zugleich vielseitige Alben, die im Abstand von 14 Jahren entstanden sind. ‘Vintage’ von 1980 wiederbelebt einige ohnehin unsterbliche Rock ‘n’ Roll-Klassiker, befeuert durch das in Europa neu erweckte Interesse an Rockabilly und Sun Records. ‘Southern Soul At The Brave-Falcon’ versammelt R&B-Standards, Top-40-Songs und Rileys eigene Kompositionen – all das als Livemitschnitt aus einem Nachtclub: Nur wenig klang in jener Zeit besser! Es ist aufregender, auf Blues und Boogie basierender Soul – und wenn Riley ausruft ‘Do the Temptation Walk’, sind wir plötzlich wieder in den mittsechziger Jahren. – Klar, daß Bear Family wie gewohnt einige Extras beisteuert – zum Beispiel eine längere, unbearbeitete Fassung vom Chuck Berry Medley, etliche bisher unveröffentlichte Songs sowie die seltene Mojo-Single, die Riley unter dem Pseudonym Skip Wiley veröffentlicht hat.
Christian Lamitschka ( )
Billy Riley – The Outtakes
Bear Family Records
BCD 17122 BR
CD-1: 1. Rock With Me Baby (fs-1) 2. Rock With Me Baby (alt-1) 3. Rock With Me Baby (fs-2) 4. Rock With Me Baby (alt-2) 5. Rock With Me Baby (fs-3) 6. Rock With Me Baby (fs-4) 7. Rock With Me Baby (alt-3) 8. Trouble Bound (alt-1) 9. Trouble Bound (alt-2) 10. Trouble Bound (fs-1) 11. Trouble Bound (alt-3) 12. Flying Saucer Rock & Roll (alt-1) 13. Flying Saucer Rock & Roll (alt-2) 14. Flying Saucer Rock & Roll (alt-3) 15. Flying Saucer Rock & Roll (alt-4)16. Flying Saucer Rock & Roll (alt-5) 17. Flying Saucer Rock & Roll (alt-6) 18. Flying Saucer Rock & Roll (alt-7) 19. Flying Saucer Rock & Roll (chatter) 20. Flying Saucer Rock & Roll (alt-9) 21. Flying Saucer Rock & Roll (fs-1) 22. Flying Saucer Rock & Roll (alt-10) 23. I Want You Baby (alt-1) 24. I Want You Baby (alt-2) 25. I Want You Baby (alt-3) 26. I Want You Baby (alt-4) 27. I Want You Baby (fs-1) 28. I Want You Baby (alt-5) 29. I Want You Baby (alt-6) 30. I Want You Baby (fs-2) 31. I Want You Baby (chatter+ alt-7) 32. I Want You Baby (chatter+ fs-3) 33. I Want You Baby (fs-4 + chatter) 34. I Want You Baby (alt-8) 35. I Want You Baby (alt-9) 36. I Want You Baby (alt-10) 37. I Want You Baby (alt-11) 38. I Want You Baby (alt-12) 39. Pearly Lee (alt-1) 40. Pearly Lee (alt-2) 41. Pearly Lee (alt-3) 42. Pearly Lee (alt-4)
CD-2: 1. She’s My Baby [Red Hot] (alt-1) 2. She’s My Baby [Red Hot] (alt-2) 3. Red Hot (alt-3) 4. Red Hot (alt-4) 5. Red Hot (alt-5) 6. Red Hot (alt-6) 7. Red Hot (alt-7) 8. Red Hot (alt-8) 9. Red Hot (alt-9) 10. Wouldn’t You Know (alt-1) 11. Baby Please Don’t Go (incomplete alt-1) 12. No Name Girl (alt-1) 13. No Name Girl (alt-2) 14. No Name Girl (alt-3) 15. No Name Girl (fs-1) 16. No Name Girl (fs-2, alt-4) 17. No Name Girl (fs-3, 4, 5, alt-5) 18. Down By The Riverside (alt-1) 19. Down By The Riverside (chatter+ alt-2) 20. Down By The Riverside (fs-1) 21. Down By The Riverside (chatter+ alt-3) 22. Down By The Riverside (fs-2) 23. Down By The Riverside (fs-3, 4, alt-4) 24. Down By The Riverside (fs-5, alt-5) 25. One More Time (alt-1) 26. One More Time (alt-2) 27. One More Time (alt-3) 28. Got The Water Boiling (chatter + alt-1) 29. Got The Water Boiling (fs-1) 30. Got The Water Boiling (chatter + fs-2+ alt-2) 31. Got The Water Boiling (alt-3) 32. Got The Water Boiling (chatter + fs-3) 33. Got The Water Boiling (fs-4) 34. Got The Water Boiling (chatter+ alt-4) 35. Got The Water Boiling (alt-5) 36. Got The Water Boiling (alt-6)
(2-CD Cap-Box, CD-Größe mit 68-seitigem Booklet, 79 Einzeltitel. Lenth: 148:59). 
Billy Riley is one of the well-known artists from the golden era of Sun-Labels. The Box includes Outtakes from each of his Sun-Single-title. There are 78 Tracks, Studio takes and unreleased Songs, including opulently illustrated book never indicated photos, an expanded and revised Sun-Discographie and comments to all the Songs. Fascinating insights, as in the 1950s at Sun Microsystems. Only when Bear Family there are only now complete and detailed overview of the career of Billy Riley. — Billy Riley is one of the underestimated heroes of the Rockabilly. For many collectors is clear: Rileys six Sun-Singles, developed between 1956 and 1959, securing him a place in Rockabilly heaven. It is completely irrelevant that he never recorded a nationwide Hit. Songs like ‘Red Hot’ and ‘Flying Saucer Rock And Roll‘ perpetuate Riley as one of the founding fathers of Rock ‘n’ Roll. This is unanimous opinion among collectors, Music Historian and also for Bob Dylan, is reason with him in 1992 occurred. – this unprecedented Box contains virtually all Outtakes of 12 titles by Billy Riley in the 1950s on Sun appeared. Never before been Billy Rileys Aufnahmeaktivitäten in the historic Studios in Memphis as documented in detail. The bottom line present this Box and Bear Familys 2-CD-edition ‘Classic Riley’ biggest so far view Rileys Billy work for Sun Records, ever. – This Box also contains a opulently illustrated Booklet with never shown photos: Riley at work in the Studio with his Band, Little Green Men, on tour. In the Booklet also includes a revised and expanded Sun-Discographie, Kommentierungen to all Songs and new Interviewmaterial of Sun-historian Hank Davis. The total 78 Tracks may also include discussions during the recording Studio, you give an impression of how worked at Sun Microsystems. In this Box will neither Riley nor Sun Records Fans and collectors over
ChristianLamitschka ( )

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