CD Reviews January 2011

CD Reviews January 2011

by Christian Lamitschka for Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show


Craig Morgan – That’s Why
BNA Records / Sony Music
A 773044
1. Love Remembers
2. Bonfire
3. This Ain’t Nothin’ 
4. That’s Why
5. God Must Really Love Me
6. Lookin’ Back With You
7. Sticks
8. It Took A Woman
9. Planet Her
10. Ordinary Angels
11. You (Previously Unrealeased)
13. Evel Knievel (Previously Unreleased)
Another superstar of country music has found its way to Cracker Barrel. With the album “That’s Why” is Craig Morgan and is in good company with Wynonna, Alan Jackson and many more exclusively at Cracker Barrel. “That’s Why” contains 13 songs, with 2 new songs on the album. It is a matter of “You” and “Evel Knievel”.
Christian Lamitschka ( )



Guy Penrod – Breathe Deep
Gaither Music Group
1. Even When We Do (3:27)
2. Pray About Everything (2:54)
3. Are You The One (3:31)
4. Every Saint (3:17)
5. The World Goes ‘Round (4:10)
6. Young Enough To Know Better (3:32)
7. Breathe Deep (3:40)
8. More Power To Ya (4:09)
9. Nothin’ More Beautiful Than That (3:37)
10. The Maker Of Them All (3:46)
11. The Broken Ones (3:44)
12. The People That Matter (3:28)
13. Knowing What I Know About Heaven (4:03)
The older the wine, the better it is. This is also true of Guy Penrod. With his album “Breathe Deep” he surpasses himself. Country rock alternate with beautiful ballads. Songs profound encounter of life. Reasons for the album, but the best is the song “Even When We Do”!Rarely has a song has such a stir.
Christian Lamitschka ( )



Jeff Tuttle – Livin’ Like A Millionaire
New Hill Records
1. Long Neck Story (3:06)
2. The Strong One (4:01)
3. Red Neck Feeling Blue (3:11)
4. Livin’ Like A Millionaire (ain’t got a dime) (3:12)
5. Hung Up On You (2:44)
6. Let’s Don’t And Say We Did (3:14)
7. First Hand (3:26)
8. Mama Beat The Devil Out Of Me (2:56)
9. Why Can’t We All Just Get Along (3:36)
11. Thinking Of You (4:10)
12. Heroes Never Die (2:44)
From his trip from Nashville Jeff Tuttle has his new album “Livin’ Like A Millionaire”. With it the album consists of 12 country songs that are sometimes contemplative and show the good things in life.
Christian Lamitschka ( )



Little Big Town – The Reason Why
1. The Reason Why (4:52)
2. Runaway Train (3:45)
3. Kiss Goodbye (4:02)
4. Shut Up Train (3:48)
5. Why, Oh Why (3:45)
6. Little White Church (3:06)
7. You Can’t Have Everything (3:28)
8. All The Way Down (3:08)
9. All Over Again (4:08)
10. Rain On A Tin Roof (4:24)
11. Life Rolls On (3:10)
12. Lean Into It (4:19)
Why bands succeed and others do not is easy to rule out that happiness is included. In the case of Little Big Town, it was luck and skill. Little Big Town take their songs to the spirit of the times. Their current album “The Reason Why” is a clear statement why this is so. Whether it is the song “Runway Train” shows reminiscent of good rock music, or “Kiss Goodbye”, the only way to bring tears to eyes drives because it goes right to the heart.
Christian Lamitschka ( )



Peter Rowan Bluegrass Band – Legacy
Compass Records Group
1. Jailer Jailer (3:38)
2. The Family Demon (3:23)
3. Father, Mother (5:16)
4. The Raven (3:26)
5. So Good (2:46)
6. The Night Prayer (4:09)
7. Catfish Blues (3:45)
9. God’s Own Child (3:27)
10. Don’t Ask Me Why (3:11)
11. Let Me Walk Lord by Your Side (3:38)
12. Lord Hamilton’s Yearling (3:40)
13. Across the Rolling Hills (Padmasambhava) (3:49)
Peter Rowan is a fashinable Blue Grass Boy. Where the word Boy is not quite right, he and his band are a few years old. Years of experience has welded the band. With “Legacy”, they have produced by far their best bluegrass album. Pensive songs alternate with sheer joy.
Christian Lamitschka ( )



Randy Rogers Band – Burning The Day
MCA Nashville
1. Interstate
2. Damn The Rain
3. Too Late For Goodbye
4. Missing You
5. Holding On To Letting Go
6. Just Don’t Tell Me The Truth
7. Looking For You So Long
8. Steal You Away
9. Startin’ Over For The Last Time
10. I Met Lonely Tonight
11. Last Last Chance
The last project of the Randy Rogers Band went into the history of iTunes. Was it the Country album, into the top 10 most viewed artists? There for starters a band like U2. The album “Burning The Day” is a return to the roots of the band, which are in the country rock. The album feels like a beautiful sunset, which should never end.
Christian Lamitschka ( )



Steve & Heather – Country Party
1. Country BBQ (4:27) Album Only
2. Country Show (3:42) Album Only
3. Swingin’ Arms (3:41) Album Only
4. Parmis nous , dreams come true (4:55) Album Only
5. Black Denim Trousers Motorcycle boots, L’homme à la moto (3:19) Album Only
6. Nacoochee & John 6:16 Album Only
7. Amazing Grace (4:26) Album Only
8. C’est la vie (3:43) Album Only
9. Walk of life (5:07) Album Only
10. Coming to life (3:48) Album Only
11. Sweet home chicago (4:47) Album Only
12. Bas les pattes (3:36) Album Only
13. Clip vidéo “country show” (3:58) Album Only
14. Choregraphie ” country show” (3:40)
Even if it be a surprise to so many, but should come from France very good country bands and artists. A case of marked quality are the duo Steve & Heather. They show that professional and well produced country music is not a question of the country from the get there. When Heather is an American woman and Steve is French. With the album “Country Party”, they present not sad songs for deep reflection, but rather songs that invite you to laugh and dance. So by far, a good mood album. Another highlight is the songs or a DVD enclosed. Steve & Heather make you want to see live at least once.
Christian Lamitschka ( )



The Lucky Toblin Band – Honky Tonk Merry Go Round
Texas World Records
1. Honky Tonk Merry Go Round
2. Wine
3. She Loves Anything That Swings
4. Don’t You Ever Get Tired of Hurting Me
5. Open Up Your Heart and Let Me Go
6. It Makes No Difference Now
7. I’d Rather You Didn’t Love Me
8. I’ll Go Down Swinging
9. Forbidden Lovers
10. Hello Heart
11. Heart Of A Clown
12. Get A Little Goner
13. The Train Always Runs On Time
14. The Other Side Of The Blues
The Lucky Toblin Band from Austin with impressive, traditional country music and they have remained true to their style. 14 Songs that remind one of how the country music once was.
Christian Lamitschka ( )



The McClymonts – Chaos And Bright Lights
Universal Music Group
1. My Life Again (3:19)
2. Save Yourself
3. Don’t Tie My Hands (4:10)
4. Good Cry (3:45)
5. Settle Down (4:18)
6. Way Too Late (3:06)
7. You Were Right (3:45)
8. Shotgun (3:41)
9. Favorite Boyfriend Of The Year (3:17)
10. Finally Over Blue (3:57)
11. Til You Love Me (3:55)
12. Ghost Town (2:52)
At The McClymonts is a sibling trio from Australia. The music is kept very trendy with influences of country music. It is quite loud in the song “My Life Again”. Otherwise, the title promises the CD “Chaos And Bright Lights” as was the expected one, too.
Christian Lamitschka ( )



Truman’s Ridge – Long Way Home
1. You Can Have Her (2:10)
2. I Need the Sun To Shine (2:07)
3. My Savior Has Prayed For Me (3:07)
4. Long Black Veil (3:15)
5. Come Christmas (Chloe’s Song) (2:05)
6. I Cry Alone (4:25)
7. Long Way Home (2:52) MP3
8. Will You Be Loving Another Man (1:57)
9. Poor Wayfaring Stranger (3:49)
10. The Girl I Dreamed of (2:29)
11. Walls of Time (3:14)
12. Old Flames (3:25)
13. Pruschnya (1:40) 1
15. Cold Rain And Snow (2:05)
16. Steppin’ Stones (2:37)
17. Doing My Time (3:54)
In Truman’s Ridge is one-bred traditional bluegrass band, who are based in Sycamore, IL, USA. Your current album, which includes 17 songs closes seamlessly to their first CD “True Blue”, which was published in May 2009. Difference is that “Long Way Home” shows even more the bandwidth of the band. The gifted songwriters in the band are also shown by the fact that 8 of the 17 songs were written by band members.
Christian Lamitschka ( )


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