CD Reviews December 2010

CD Reviews December 2010

by Christian Lamitschka for Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show

ALLERTON & ALTON – Black, White And Bluegrass
Baer Family Records
BCD 16559 AH
1. Keep On The Sunny Side (Theme Song)
2. Orange Blossom Special
3. Kentucky
4. I’ll Get Along Somehow
5. Twelfth Street Rag
6. Keep On The Sunny Side (Theme Song)
7. Memory Lane
8. Don’t This Road Look Rough And Rocky
9. Drifting Too Far From The Shore
10. Keep On The Sunny Side (Theme Song)
11. Three Ways Of Knowing
12. I’ll Sign My Heart Away
13. Every Day Is Mother’s Day To Me
14. Standing Somewhere In The Shadows (radio show )
15. Somehow Tonight (off-the-air)
16. Branded Wherever I Go (WW2A 1947)
17. Raining On The Mountain (WW2A 1947)
18. Kentucky (studio practice)
19. That Pretty Little Face (take 1) (studio prac)
20. That Pretty Little Face (take 2) (studio prac)
21. What Would The Profit Be (studio practice)
22. Let Me Be Your Salty Dog (studio practice)
23. Branded Wherever I Go (promotion disc)
24. Can’t Feel At Home In This World Anymore (194)
25. Cabin In Caroline (WW2A 1948)
26. Rambler’s Call (WW2A 1948)
27. Keep On The Sunny Side (short version)
(1-CD Digipak with 4-page booklet, 27 songs, playing time 70:51). A historical discovery! 60 year old footage of country duo of all sorts found. People are in the process of writing music history, the Bear Family have discovered just one example. In November, this very rare and previously unpublished chapter of the publishing country music history is in the form of a CD. African-American country artist who recorded the mid-fifties can be counted on one hand. One thinks of the Grand Ole Opry star-Deford Bailey -because of its exceptional status as an instrumentalist and about him. The Country Music Foundation also treated this as historical exotic, which in fact he was. Jimmy Rodgers played both during a 1930 session on Louis Armstrong’s cornet, but it is considered to be absolutely sure that the two have never sung together. Black country singers and mixed-race country music duos were at that time about as rare as hen’s teeth – in fact they are regarded as completely unknown. And yet, Bear Family has so tracked down a duo! In some months, we will proudly announce – historical recordings of Allerton & Allen, Cumberland Ridge Runners publish. They were probably the first black and white country duo ever. Their performances in the late forties and early fifties were broadcast by the radio station WLAM in Lisbon (Maine) and were throughout the Northeast and parts of southern Ontario in Canada. The story of how these two met both country fans rummaging through old 78-plates, are just fascinating with their recordings. At the most striking is how completely at ease they were themselves, they worked around the theme of sorts or who they were and what they did. Equally exciting is the story of how the Korean War, this interracial duo finally put an end – Alton came back a changed man after he had learned the cruel reality of racial segregation in the U.S. Army. 

This publication will present their music in the usual Bear Family Art: the booklet lavishly illustrated with never seen pictures, the musical historical background and all the songs digitally prepared, we could put on this CD.

Christian Lamitschka ( )

Cobblestones – Eating Trifle
1. Intro
2. Work Upon The Railway
3. As I Roved Out
4. I’ll Tell Me Ma
5. Step It Out Mary
6. Ye Jacobites By Name
7. All For Me Grog
8. Nancy Whisky
9. Spancil Hill
10. The Ferryman
11. Instrumental Project
12. Tim Finnegans Wake
13. Bonny Ship The Diamond
14. Green Grows The Laurel
15. B. Off
Cobblestones – Late Breakfast
1. Craigh Was 90 In The Isle Of Man
2. Farewell To Nova Scotia
3. Hot Asphalt
4. Recuting Sergeant
5. The Night Paddy Murphy Died
6. Leaving Of Liverpool
7. Muirsheen Durkin
8. Sam Hall
9. Paddle Me Own Canoe
10. Blarney Roses
11. Haul Away Joe
12. Donald Where’s Your Trousers
13. Molly Maguires
14. Loch Lomond
15. Sláinte

The Cobblestones are from the world of Irish and Scottish folk and to stay. The likeable band from Berlin has established itself as a constant and beyond Germany. With quaint charm and wit, they present themselves and their 100% hand-made music – sometimes rough, sometimes tender. They are always unique and captivating. The extensive repertoire is home to the world of folk, from the ribald drinking song to the wistful ballad. With their irresistible and life, Cobblestones take their audience on a journey from the green hills of Ireland, exposed to Roaring Storms planks into the cozy Irish pub.

The two CDs give one an idea what to expect someone when you visit one of their concerts. Enthusiasm and the fun.

Christian Lamitschka ( )
Dierks Bentley – Up On The Ridge
Captiol Records
1. Up On The Ridge (3:34)
2. Fallin’ For You (3:44)
3. Senor (Tales Of Yankee Power) (With the Punch Brothers Featuring Chris Thile) (3:24)
4. Rovin’ Gambler (With The Punch Brothers) (2:35)
5. Draw Me A Map (3:31)
6. Bad Angel (Featuring Miranda Lambert And Jamey Johnson) (4:04)
7. Fiddlin’ Around (3:08)
8. You’re Dead To Me (3:19)
9. Pride (In The Name Of Love) (With The Punch Brothers Featuring Del McCoury) (4:09)
10. Love Grows Wild (2:48)
11. Bottle To The Bottom (Featuring Kris Kristofferson) (4:16)
12. Down In The Mine (5:01)
Dierks Bentley, stands for traditional country music. Now he has ventured to Blue Grass Music. The album can be the very first song “Up On The Ridge”, which is also the title of the album. Listen attentively. Never before has an artist of Bluegrass Music’s interpretation so modern. Inspiration for the song Dierks Bentley was Bluegrass icons Alsion Krauss, which is not the only guest singer Dierks Bentley has brought on board for the album, which includes a total of 12 tracks. So there are such illustrious names like Miranda Lambert, Tim O’Brien, Kris Kristofferson and Sonya Isaacs on the album. Even now it can be said that the album is determined to be worldwide.
Christian Lamitschka ( )


Gillian Hobbs – Something To Write Home About
1. Wall Against the Water (3:28)
2. Wings to Fly (3:48)
3. Mad At Me (3:21)
4. Stranger Things (3:24)
5. Train Tracks (4:34)
6. I’m No Angel (3:14)
7. The Past (3:36)
8. Mistakes (4:06)
9. Take Me Along (2:55)
10. The Place I Can Be Me (4:25)
The latest album from Gillian Hobbs is now not a declaration of bankruptcy of new ideas, but that with good home cooking. Voice and music fit together excellently. The text offers space for reflection. Basically it’s not a bad album. A total of 10 songs on the album that are stylistically in the country to folk.
Christian Lamitschka ( )
Hermann Lammers Meyer – Nashville Is Rough On The Living
1. Honky Tonk Hearts
2. Kiss The Children
3. Little Jack Daniel
4. Home Of The Damned
5. (Nashville Is) Rough On The Living
6. Magic In A Song (When Your Memory Comes Again)
7. Fiddlin’ Man
8. (I’ll Come) Runnin’ Back To You
9. To Make A Long Story Short (She’s Gone)
10. Too Old For Nothing
11. Puttin’ Tears To A Tune
12. Death Row
13. I Just Can’t Let You Say Goodbye
14. Nashville Blues
15. She Loves Lefty
Frage mal jemanden in Nashville / TN ob er Hermann Lammers Meyer kennt. Die Überraschung ist dann sicherlich beim Fragesteller groß. Denn Hermann Lammers Meyer hat in Nashville / TN einen Bekanntheitsgrad, der größer ist als in Deutschland. Songwriter und Sänger sprechen in den höchsten Tönen von The German. Das hat auch seinen Grund, denn seine Alben sind immer kleine Bücher, die in einzelne Kapitel (Songs) aufgeteilt sind. Nicht anders verhält es sich bei seinem aktuellen Album „Nashville Is Rough On The Living“. Neugierig? Dann gleich in den nächsten Plattenladen und die CD kaufen.
Christian Lamitschka ( )
Jeff Harris – The Party Starts Here
1. The Party Starts Here (3:42)
2. A Love Like That (3:06)
3. Just Drive (3:46)
4. Simon Can’t Sing (3:19)
5. She Talks To Angels (3:30)
6. Miss Emerson (3:14)
7. Black and White World (3:20)
8. Come On (3:15)
9. My Dog [Explicit] (3:33)
10. Waffle House Love (2:48)
11. Drink About It (3:59) 12. American Love Song (6:25)
With his album “The Party Starts Here” Jeff Harris leaves the Country fans sitting up. The album, which a total of 12 songs plus one video of the song “Simon Can not Sing” sparkles with wit and enthusiasm. Anyone looking for a good party album now is with “The Party Starts Here” by Jeff Harris, certainly happy.
Christian Lamitschka ( )
Jewel – Sweet And Wild
1. No Good In Goodbye (3:23)
2. I Love You Forever (4:24)
3. Fading (3:33) 4. What You Are (3:38)
5. Bad As It Gets (3:52)
6. Summer Home In Your Arms (2:53)
7. Stay Here Forever (2:59)
8. No More Heartaches (2:47)
9. One True Thing (4:12)
10. Ten (3:23)
11. Satisfied (4:08)
1. No Good In Goodbye (Acoustic 3:13)
2. I Love You Forever (Acoustic 4:18)
3. Fading (Acoustic 3:33)
4. What You Are (Acoustic)
5. Bad As It Gets (Acoustic 3:46)
6. Summer Home In Your Arms (Acoustic 2:52)
7. Stay Here Forever (Acoustic 2:59)
8. No More Heartaches (Acoustic 2:55)
9. One True Thing (Acoustic 4:08)
10. Ten (Acoustic 3:24)
11. Satisfied (Acoustic 4:01)
27 million albums sold worldwide. This is a number with which it already has a certain house mame. Some artists would be happy if he would sell a million albums. “Sweet and Wild” is now the 8th album from Jewel. As a bonus, a deluxe edition for the fans was still be on the market. Here they now have the opportunity all the songs on the (yet to be found) an acoustic version. Here it’s an opportunity to look at right now, on how good your voice is, and a karaoke test to try too. Who would think now that Jewel would have easily made the record company; choose songs for the album with 11 songs provided deceptive and immensely. Rather, it has done the work and wrote all the songs herself. She says about herself, that the Country Music as it was made before, they have always been a storyteller.
Christian Lamitschka ( )


Stephanie McIlroy – Life Is Not An Act
1. Forever (3:59)
2. I Believe in You (4:02)
3. Finally Gonna Be MySelf (3:50)
4. Please Re-Write My History (3:57)
5. Meet Me Halfway (3:09)
6. Life’s Not An Act (3:10)
7. You Don’t Know Me (2:58)
8. I Need A Break (3:21)
9. You are Loved (3:42)
10. Forgiven (3:45)
Stephanie McIlroy loves what she does. With five years she took every opportunity to claim to been able to sing. Having played in front of 1,500 people for the first time, who were ther classmates from the school. It was her dream to become a professional singer, so much so, that she searched where she can make it come true. Early on it was clear they have a style of New Country and and a new preferance Country Rock . Anyone who is interested, should hear the album “Life Is Not An Act” once.
Christian Lamitschka ( )


The Jayhawks – Aka The Bunkhouse Album
1. Falling Star (4:01)
2. Tried And True (2:25)
3. Let The Critics Wonder (2:31)
4. Let The Last Night Be The Longest (Lonesome Memory) (2:53)
5. Behind Bars (2:40)
6. Cherry Pie (2:04)
7. The Liquor Store Came First (3:01)
8. People In This Place On Every Side (2:25)
9. Misery Tavern (3:02)
10. (I’m Not In) Prison (2:16)
11. King Of Kings (4:05)
12. Good Long Time (3:20)
13. Six Pack On The Dashboard (3:13)
The Jayhawks are already a few years in the music business. But so far there was only a vinyl album of their first LP, which had only a limited edition of 2,000 copies. So fans of the band were obviously not satisfied. Over the years they had a considerable number of fans. Now on Hump Head, they released their first album on CD. Ah yes, in style? Absolutely, traditional country music.
Christian Lamitschka ( )


Vince Gill – Love Songs
1. One (3:46)
2. That Friend Of Mine (3:17)
3. When Love Finds You (4:04)
4. You And You Alone (3:24)
5. Let’s Make Sure We Kiss Goodbye (4:03)
6. Faint Of Heart (4:29)
7. The Luckiest Guy In The World (3:33)
8. The Rock Of Your Love (3:50)
9. If I Didn’t Have You In My World (3:52)
10. The Only Love (3:52)
11. Given More Time (3:56)
12. What They All Call Love (3:21)
13. Nothing Like A Woman (4:55)
14. Whenever You Come Around (4:18)
Vince Gill has achieved in his life: 20 Grammy, 18 CMA Awards, and many other awards. Whether he has an extra room for all the awards he earned so far in his life. The album “Love Songs” is his first album published in 15 years, which are all love songs. 14 songs invite you to dream. The album should be loosely classified into the 18 million albums sold, but it includes such hits as “You And You Alone”, “Whenever You Come Around” and “Faith Of Heart”.
Christian Lamitschka ( )

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