CD Reviews: CHARI HELDENBRAND – A Little Piece of Heavenly Country


A Little Piece of Heavenly Country
High Cotton – You and Me – Rollin’ In My
Sweet Baby’s Arms – Waltz Of The Angels – How Far Is Heaven – Sugar Time
– Somewhere Between Your Heart and Mine – You’re My Best Friend – Sing
Me Back Home – Walk Through This World With Me – Don’t Be Angry –
Running Bare – Geisha Girl – Such A Pretty World Today – Don’t Cry Joni –
This Old House – With This Ring – Fairth, Hope, & Charity – All
Over But The Cryin’ – Power In The Blood
What a great trip back to traditional country music this CD
is.  Chari Heldenbrand, originally from Michigan, now makes her home
with husband Louie in Iowa.  Her upbringing on a dairy farm in Michigan
listening to those old time country music radio shows in the early
morning hours took her right to the heart of ‘real’ country music.  So
unlike so-called country music of today, Chari takes us on a real ride
through some of the best country music songs ever written, even
including a couple of bluegrass tunes. The steel player (maybe Doug
Wise) is a very Hank Williamish player, and it surely does sound good to
hear it again, and it blends so well with Chari’s voice, especially on
“You’re My Best Friend,” also a good song that demonstrates the tremolo
done so very well by Chari.  The upright acoustic bass is also very
nicely represented on this song, played by Kathy Miles.  Chari also
keeps a special place in her heart for songs devoted to our Lord Jesus
Christ.  Both “How Far Is Heaven” and “Power In The Blood”  are super
good representations.  Doug Wise takes a good turn at providing some
good lead vocals throughout,  perhaps his best rendition being “Don’t Be
Angry” a song written by Stonewall Jackson’s older brother Wade who
will be at the LeMars, Iowa, National Old Time Music Festival this year
(Aug 29-Sept 4, 2016).  Chari Heldenbrand is a celebrated country
singer, and has been traveling a lot this year, and she takes along her
guitar and mandolin wherever she goes, and shares her great music at
every opportunity.  Don’t know where this particular CD was recorded,
but the engineering is fine, the mix is great, and the overall effect is
a very well done old-time traditional country music project.  Chari’s
fine voice stands out throughout, closing with “Power In The Blood”
backing Doug Wise’s nice lead. Super good CD, off it goes for Rural
Roots Music Commission appraisal.  I hope it’s not too late for this
year’s consideration.
for Country Music News International

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