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CD Review: Yvan Gagnon – Souvenirs – by Bob Everhart for Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show



Une Boutelle a la mer – Chanter c’est ma vie –
Pourquoi tanty de peine – Le cowboy des temps modernes – Je pleure et je
bois – Feuille d’automne – Petit soleil – Toi Maman – Soiree country –
Je la dedie pour toi – Le Chemin d’ine vie – Nous les artists country –
Un amour a la mer – Melodie dabns la nuit – Souvenir d’antan – Vous vous
etes tant aimer – Maman, elie est a toi – Tu es l’amour de ma vie –
Avoir du regret – As tu deja pleure – Je bois pour oub lier – Ouvre ton
Coeur a lamour

This entire CD is recorded in French, and I do
not understand a word Yvan Gagnon is singing, but I have to say, this
guy has a voice that is not only good, it’s an instant ‘attraction’ to
what he is doing, simply because many of these songs are the traditional
and classic country songs we know from the past. He has some terrific
musicians on this recording, all of them very very good.  I’ve traveled a
lot in Europe, performing there for many years, including France.  I
got teamed up with a bluegrass band in Paris, which was the highlight of
playing country music there, and it didn’t take long to figure out
where the music was going, and it almost always dealt with the musical
instruments.  There are some good ones on this fine CD.  My favorite the
fiddle, of which there are two; Benoit Lajeunesse and Andre Prouix. 
Ummmmm good sounding fiddle work.  I also like the piano of which there
are two; Jasmin Bessette and Andre Prouix.  Yannick Gravel on electric
guitar (excellent) and Mario Desrosiers (also excellent). Yannick Gravel
also plays drums.  Yvan did his own production work, which simply means
he knew what he was looking for, and he found it.  As you look at the
list of songs he recorded, you will probably not recognize anything you
know, but if you could hear it, you would immediately ‘know’ a few of
these popular country songs.  Yvan has a very nicely suited voice to the
good musicians playing behind him.  I can’t really try to ‘compare’ him
to anyone we might know, or sounds like him, but he has that very nice
country sound.  My guess is that Yvan lives in French Canada somewhere. 
Hopefully I’ll eventually find out where he lives, but for now it’s a
secret.  I’m going to submit Yvan’s CD to the Rural Roots Music
Commission, however with no way to contact him, it’s unlikely they will
place him in the winning category.  I can see this CD doing very well in
“International Classic Country Music”

RECORD REVIEW BY BOB EVERHART, President, National Traditional Country Music Assn.  www.music-savers.com for Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show

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