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CD Review: Tim McCasland – Natural Country Plain & Simple – by Bob Everhart for Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show


Natural Country Plain & Simple

Cajun Baby – Feels So Right – Folsom Prison Blues
– I Saw The Light – I Want To Stroll Over Heaven With You – Let’s All
Go Down To The River – Many Mansions – Miles And Miles of Texas –
Rollin’ In My Sweet Baby’s Arms – Since I Met You Baby – Tiger By The
Tail – Truck Driving Man – Walk Through This World With Me

Simply looking at the names of the songs on this
album, one realizes from step one, this is going to be some ‘real’
country music.  And it is!  Tim McCasland is a Texan who is as
comfortable on the stage as he is in the recording studio.  Actually
this isn’t a ‘record’ as such, or even a studio.  It’s a nicely done
video of various live performances Tim made somewhere, lots of
somewhere. Not a lot of information on the locations, so we don’t know
where he’s at, neither does it list these ‘live’ musicians, but they are
all super good.  Actually it’s a whole lot of different musicians and
different locations.  Makes for good listening as well as viewing. 
‘Live’ performances are always difficult to do, sometimes because of
exterior noise coming from the audience.  Sometimes because the ‘sound’
is so difficult to control.  However whoever shot this for Tim, they did
a real good job.  Whatever the case I hope Tim has some more of his
music coming our way.  He has one of those ‘country’ voices we can hear,
we can understand, we can care for, and we can love.  Tim let us know
that he is going to help us out at our Pioneer Music Museum in Anita,
Iowa, April 24-25-26, 2020, at the Oak Tree Opry fund raiser to fix the
bricks on the building. Seems like the longer we keep old-time country
alive the more problems we have, but that’s very similar to simply
growing old ourselves isn’t it.  Tim has a super nice voice and matches
it to whoever he’s playing with.  He apparently did a number of video
tapings to get this all together as good as it is.  Super good different
musicians throughout, and they are all doing a super good job backing
Tim.  He also presents himself and his music as a Christian, and he does
it proudly, with good taste, and truthfully.  I especially liked the
part that is shot in a church with beautiful ‘cedar’ wood trimming.  The
audience was quiet and listening. Just as it should be.  A very
satisfying experience if you like ‘real’ country music, and Tim
McCasland sure has a lot of that. We’re all looking forward to his
appearance in Iowa at the Oak Tree.  What a treat for us.

RECORD REVIEW BY BOB EVERHART,President, National Traditional Country Music Association.  www.music-savers.com  for Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show

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