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CD Review: TERRY ROBBINS – Love Front


Love Front

Love Front – Break My Heart – Jambalaya – Life
Without You – Got A Love For You – Got A Love For You – Mind On My Honey
– Through My Teardrops – ThankYou Note – Deer In The Headlights –
Legends – Barbecue Buzz – Flyin’ Off The Handle

Terry Robbins, from Alabama, is one terrific
songwriter.  He proves it every time he puts pen to paper.  This album
however exhibits not only his super songwriting abilities, but also his
recording ability and a sound that puts him far above anything you are
hearing on a country chart today.  I love it when it’s the ‘real deal’
and Terry not only proves it with this CD, he is working with some of
the best ‘real’ country sounding musicians I’ve heard in a long time,
especially since not much is coming out of Nashville these days.  The
fiddler on this album of Terry’s is incredibly good, and really ‘feels’
the sound he is creating.  Lead guitar and steel are equally able.  What
a really good country sound coming out of a studio in Alabama.  This is
it!  Terry mentions musicians Bryan Carter and Bruce Hoffman as the
mainstay instrumental backing.  I can only say, thank you so much for
not being in Nashville.  Thank you for also keeping a very valid and
traditional country music style alive and well. I feel so sorry for
those songwriters and artists who spend their last nickel trying to get
noticed in Nashville.  It’s a dead-end road these days, especially when
talent, ability, knowledge, and certainly determination in keeping the
music alive, no matter where it comes from, is somewhere else.  “Love
Front” is an extremely well written song, and recorded equally as well.
Bryan Carter also sat at the studio board, and I’d have to say his ‘ear’
is what he discovered, probably a few years ago, when he first started
listening to traditional and classic country music.  The ‘mix’ is super
good, the lead vocalist is easily heard, you can understand everything
Terry is saying and singing.  Today’s country chart music is so blase’
lead vocals are usually overpowered by instrumental noise to disguise
the fact that the singer isn’t all that great.  Doesn’t happen in
Alabama these days, especially through the pen and voice of Terry
Robbins. Terry is also a good songwriter sharer, and attends several
songwriting gatherings, and in doing that also ‘shares’ the writing of
good songs.  I say more power to Terry Robbins, he’s holding the bar
very high in traditional and classic country music.  I could also add
‘old-time’ to that genre offering, especially in his very new, yet right
on the mark, Jambalaya.  Off this classic piece of work goes to the
Rural Roots Music Commission.  They’ve heard Robbin’s work before, and
have given him CD of the Year awards.  They know what they are looking

CD REVIEW BY BOB EVERHART, President, National Traditional Country Music Assn., www.music-savers.com for Country Music News International

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